Brazil 2002 vs Argentina 1998

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    Aug 9, 2002
    There are many similarities between this two squads. When I did some technical analysis, I think that Brazil 2002 is more simlar to Argentina 1998 than their own team in 1998.

    Heres the similarities:
    Both teams have difficulty qualifying.
    Both teams did better than expected
    Both teams were placed in seemingly easy groups for the world cup
    Both teams won all their group matches
    Both teams have surprise semifinalists that gets 3rd.
    Both teams didd not played to their full potential against Asian teams.

    The differences:
    Brazil finished third in 2001 and Argentina have to play against the Aussies in 1997.

    Brazil won the cup but Argentina only reached the quarter finals.
    Brazil was placed together with turkey, china nad costa rica, which are outside the top 20 fifa teams.
    Argentina was placed together with croatia, japan and jamaca which were outside the top 25 fifa teams.
    Brazil's group have two semifinalist, themselves and turkey (2nd timer but the first time they participated 50 years ago, so I consider them 1st timer)
    Argentina's group have 1 semifinalist, croatia (first timer, shocked the Germans)
    Brazil won China by quite a large margin (4-0), by they were sleeping in the 2nd half.
    Argentina only won Japan narrowly (1-0)

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