Bradley First XI: 9/23

Discussion in 'MLS: News & Analysis' started by alf, Sep 23, 2003.

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    Anyone have any clue what the First VIII is about?

    I mean, looks to me like there are 11 points...
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    I wish Bradley would stop reminding his readers that his column is something that he does when he has the time to get around to it. Not that I don't appreciate and enjoy his columns. It's just poor writing.
  4. RushOnze

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    May 16, 2001
    Jeff: Since you want Wynalda to mention good referee decisions, why not your First XI, or should I say VIII, on the same topic? or for that matter, how about poor announcer habits?
    Except good decisions are never noticed, not to mention the announcers that are afraid to commit to any decision before they can see a replay several times.

    Here's a couple of easy ones to get your iMac rolling;

    1. Everytime Ruiz falls in the box and expects a PK and defenders want a caution (there are around 100 of these)

    2. Meola screaming and whining about offside while video clearly shows a good goal.

    3. Every caution for dissent, until the players start acting more professionally.

    4. Any of the well timed runs where goals were scored and the flag stayed down.

    5. Anytime an announcer uses the phrase "taken down" for any of a series of good tackles.

    6. Notice when any disputed tackle in the box has the referee within 5 yards of the play.

    7. When an announcer calls a goal or non goal "controversial", but either, never show a replay to back it up, or cant say why it's controversial, they have no right to throw blame at the referees.

    8. Reasoning that it can't be a foul because the player "got the ball"

    9. Some harsh criticism for players whose tackles endanger opponents whether or not the referee sends them off or not.

    10. When a referee cautions a player for a tactical foul and the announcer says it was "harsh" because the foul wasnt violent enough.

    11. Actually mention the referee crew as part of the introduction to a televised game! (how about which players are on the bench while you're at it)

    Fans may think that MLS has some poor referees, but equally deficiant announcers and telecasts dont help either.
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    I couldn't agree more, RushOnze. Well said.
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  7. Northside Rovers

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    I never thought I would use this phrase but ....uhh... "Rack Him".

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