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    May 8, 2007
    what do you think about him did they need him back for the team to get where it is right now????Or do you think they could of went far with chilito?????Do you think they will win the torneo too????
    pura azul :D
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    May 6, 2007
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    I think there was more expected from Borguetti, honestly he shouldnt of never gone to Cruz Azul, you had someone like Miguel Sabah that did great the previous season, what Borguetti should of done was gone to a team who needed a foward like Santos, Atlas, or Toluca.

    And about Cruz Azul winning the championship, im sorry but I highly doubt it, honestly Tecos might kick them out in the first round, Tecos finished the season play really good.......but will see, espeacillay without el Chelito..
  3. changoguapo

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    Mar 11, 2004
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    welcome CRUZ AZULINOS and let me just state that this could be our last chance to win with this group, which sucks cuase its a good group, + or - the keeper.
    Being one of the best arm-chair coaches, in my opinion, the only way we could win without Chelito is to not put in Borgetti. Both Nunez and Sabah are up-the-middle forwards and Pereyra is not a good crosser and is also an up-the-middle midfielder. Chelito is a good crosser and Lugo is acceptable. So for dumb-ass Mizrahi to force a team to cross to Borgetti is stupid even with Chelito imagine without. My ideal forwards would be, Nunez and Sabah, with Villaluz coming in 2nd half.
    Anyways, thats my opinion and im sticking to it, trust me it makes perfect sense in my head!
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    hopefully borgetti will be gone so we wont have to have this conversation again. IMO, he just doesn't fit with the current team. god i wish we could get kikin back . . .
  5. wildbill702

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    Oct 10, 2006
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    Funny I saw Borgetti run more in the few matches of the Gold Cup than he did in total for his club season with La Maquina. He just doesn't care much anymore for Mexican league, I think that is the answer. He got excited going to the EPL and then when that fell apart he lost his fire. Who could blame him, everything he worked for has pretty much been taken away and now he is back to where he started. He regains it a bit when with playing for Mexico, but I could see him being a complete disaster in club play.
  6. Banner or Hulk?

    Mar 11, 2006
    No, he can still work at the club level, he just needs someone that can do about 95% of the goal to be effective. His glory days were when he had Pony Ruiz to help him out, a lot. Borgetti isnt the type of player that can dribble around defenders and create his own shots. If he doesnt get the ball in a position where he can just shoot, either with his legs or head, he isnt going to be much help. Any news on his injury? Im not a Borgetti hater, but i think this Copa America (assuming he was called up and can play) should be his last games with the national team. I appreciate the work hes put in for the green shirt, but hes getting older and doesnt run as fast as he used to. Its time to let someone else try to put their mark in that spot. Holding onto it will only hurt Mexico in the long run.

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