Blue Crush (R)

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    Don't waste your money just yet. Wait for it to be on tv.

    Sorry to the girls in the movie, but there wasn't even enough surfing footage in it be good enough. The wipeouts and being held under were painful and real, but as expected no plot or real story line other than local chick enters the big tournament at Pipe.

    I'll typically give any surfing movie high marks. However this one was actually disgusting with some of the shots in the hotel cleanup scenes such as, waste in a stool, vomit, etc.

    Some things were too overthetop. The younger sister at 14 hanging out at the parties and a pro football player putting the moves on the surfer chick.

    The screenwriters, directors, producers would have been better off to develop the story from Anna Marie's childhood and show the progression to the present stage in life. The editing stunk during the surfing sequences too. There's only so much they can do, but they would have been better off to use the real surfers with far shots rather than pseudo up close footage.

    Enough of the book report, don't waste your money or time. Yeah Kate Bosworth is a cutie, but I'd rent North Shore to watch better surfing footage along with an unrealistic script.

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