Blue and Red rules

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by Henrik, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. Henrik

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    Aug 24, 2004
    Oh how wonderful, ....I have said it before and I ll repeat it, how nice it is that its the blue and the red corner of London who's ruling the EPL at the mo. Its absobloodsolutely fantastical.

    manure only beat Newcy today because the Georgies played like zebras. The goals were give aways, no wonder Fulham got 4 midweek. And they missed 2 sitters in first half. manure looked pedestrian despite at least 1 magical moment from Rooney (credit when credit is due) but Shearer should have punished them when Rio missed kicked the ball and he was 1 to 1 but decided to blast the ball over the top. Kliubert (sp??) had a massive chance as well!!!

    Souness has got a hell of a job to do in Newcastle if they are dreaming of Europe next year. They look more like a soft pushover.

    Ronaldo has a lot of tricks up his sleeves but would look more at home in the footballs equivalent to Harlem Globetrotters, fantastic speed and technique but it iether leads to nothing or he gives the ball away. A circus horse in my opinion.

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