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Discussion in 'FIFA and Tournaments' started by mfw13, Oct 27, 2003.

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    Jul 19, 2003
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    Given that Blatter is continually railing against fixture congestion, I'm surprised that he has not taken steps to force confederations to reduce the number of fixtures in their qualifying tournaments.

    South America, for example, is being allowed to use 18 fixtures, when they could easily have used only 10 fixtures if they had used two five-team groups instead of one ten-team group. If they had used a 4 match elimination round to eliminate two teams, then they could have had two four team final groups which would have necessitated only six fixtures in the final round.

    CONCACAF has created a system which will force the US and Mexico to play 18-20 matches each, even though system could easily have been created which would require them to play only ten matches (exempt them from the first round, reduce the other 32 teams to 4 through three home & home rounds, and have a six team, ten match final round).

    Asia and Oceania (which refuses to exempt Australia & New Zealand from their first round) are just as bad, as is Europe, with those lovely Italy-San Marino and England-Malta type mismatches.
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    I can only comment on the Oceania situation but it is important for the smaller Pacific Island nations to play New Zealand and Australia. These nations will never make the World Cup Finals so the qualifiers are their player's big chance to play against countries ranked much higher than them.

    From the New Zealand and Australia perspective it gives them a chance to try different combinations and players before meeting each other.


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