Big Ten postseason awards

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  1. Sandon Mibut

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    Feb 13, 2001
    2003 Men's Soccer All-Big Ten Teams

    First Team
    John Minagawa-Webster, Jr., MSU

    Brian Plotkin, So., IND
    Mike White, Sr., MICH
    Brian Devlin, So., PSU

    Kevin Taylor, Sr., MICH
    Nick DeGraw, Sr., MSU

    *Jay Nolly, Jr., IND
    *Pete Dzubay, So., MICH
    *Mike Robinson, Sr., MSU

    First Team
    Jake Peterson, Fr., IND
    Mychal Turpin, Jr., MICH
    Gerardo Alvarez, Fr., NU

    Craig Hearn, Sr., MSU
    Noah Goerlitz, Jr., WIS
    Nick Van Sicklen, Jr., WIS
    Ryan McMahen, So., MSU

    Kevin Wittig, Sr., MSU
    A.J. Weber, Sr., OSU
    Aaron Hohlbein, Fr., WIS

    Eric Hanson, Jr., WIS

    2003 Men's Soccer All-Freshman Team

    Forward Jake Peterson, IND
    Gerardo Alvarez, NU
    Simon Omekanda, PSU

    Midfield Dan Chille, NU
    Taylor Korpieski, OSU
    Jeff Chambers, PSU

    Defense Jed Zayner, IND
    Julian Dieterle, IND
    Markku Viitanen, PSU
    Aaron Hohlbein, WIS

    Goalkeeper Matt Novchich, PSU
    Athlete of the Year: Knox Cameron, MICH
    Coach of the Year: JERRY YEAGLEY, IND
    Co-Freshmen of the Year: *Jed Zayner, IND & *Gerardo Alvarez, NU

    A few oddities here.

    First, if three GKs tie for first team honors, which is in itself kinda strange, how can another GK, who is by definition at best the FOURTH best GK in the conference, be a SECOND team all conference pick?

    Second, Alvarez and Zayner tie for Freshmen of the Year honors. OK, I have no qualms with that. But, three freshmen made the conference second team - none made the first team - and Alvarez was one of them but Zayner wasn't. If the two other frosh were good enough to be second team all conference and Zayner wasn't, how can he be a "co" freshmen of the year with another all conference pick?
  2. fatman

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    Nov 14, 2003
    Hoosier Country
    whats up with the big ten
    lil disappointed at the results of the all conference teams

    1) How do you put three goalies on the first team?
    All three goalies got the same amount of votes but you have to have some sort of tie breaker. Plus Nolly the Goalie blew all the other keeper's stats out of the water. Both other keepers are good but you gotta look at the stats.
    2) Grabavoy NOT player of the year?
    Looking at the stats they are even in all games played. Then you look at schedule strength the teams Michigan play are decent teams but there schedule cant match the Hoosiers. Plus the Hoosiers out right won the big ten.

    Somebody please tell me whats going on here!

    my stomach is calling me
    im out
  3. beineke

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    Sep 13, 2000
    It looks to me like Hohlbein got all-conference because the Wisconsin coach loaded his ballot with his own players. After all, we know from simple deduction that Hohlbein got at most one vote for freshman of the year, so it's a safe bet that he only got one vote for all-conference. We also know that the Wisconsin keeper only got one all-conference vote. Two other Wisconsin guys made second-team, and you've gotta wonder if they each had one vote, too. They really need a rule that doesn't allow you to vote for your own players.

    Incidentally, Wisconsin only won one game in Big Ten play.
  4. tubby_butter

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    Mar 22, 2002
    Re: Re: Big Ten postseason awards

    I sort of agree -- I was assistant coach for a year at a DIII school, and there was a team in the conference that was so bad, most high schools could probably give them a run for their money. They never won a game but the coach nominated every single one of his players for all-league every year.

    But I also think its valuable so that guys don't get picked on reputation alone. This way an honest coach can maybe tip the scales for a player who has a great year who may be up against a big-name with a mediocre year.

    Here is the reaction to Wisconsin from the other coaches at the BigTen selection meeting: :rolleyes: "this guy again."

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