Big Ten Post-Season Honors

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    Oct 31, 2003
    Big Ten released their post season awards:

    Player of the Year: Justin Cook-Ohio State
    Freshman of the Year: Rich Costanzo-Penn State
    Coach of the Year: John Bluem-Ohio State

    Tough luck to Lenahan as I surely thought he would be coach of the year. But I am sure he is happy tonight knowing his wilcats are in the final and certainly at least have earned an at large bid!

    BTW, see Burn's comments below:
    "We've still got practice on Sunday. That's in anticipation of the Monday draw at 4:30 on ESPNews. We are very close. I think the strength of our schedule really helps us. The strength of our conference, it looks like the top conference in the country. When you look at the significant wins we've had and we've haven't had any bad losses to teams we shouldn't have lost to, we're right there."

    Powerfull statement about the B10. Some thread writers have said the conference is bad but....last year it was rated 4th best and this year....

    IU is 14-4-1
    PSU is 10-4-1
    OSU is 10-6-1
    MSU is 11-6-1
    NU is 14-4-2
    UM is 10-7-4
    UW is 9-10

    That seems like a pretty good conference to me.

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