Betis rejects new Kappa kits

Discussion in 'Spain' started by Pichi, Jul 28, 2002.

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    After much complaining by fans on how ugly the new kits were, Betis has told its kit supplier Kappa (which in Italian means Crap or Caca) to redesign another kit for the upcoming season.

    The new kit which now only has 5 stripes instead of the usual 13 and was cut to show off the players upper bodies! Many Betis supporters were aghast that the new kits would not look good with their beer bellies hanging out, but would definitely look good on their wives or girl friends!

    The picture of the new kit is on the URL below.

    Many were suprised the Lopera who is an hortera de primera clase (Tacky) actually listened to the fans and decided against the kit.

    The new kit will be unveiled sometime before the season kicks off!

    Saludos y viva er eurobeti manque alfonso y lopera!

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    Second time Lopeda listened to the fans. First time, the naming of the renovated stadium. :)

    Now if we could get Florintino to do the same. :(
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    Thankgod my wife didn't buy me one of those...

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