Bergkhamp Firing Blanks

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by martymarts, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. martymarts

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    Mar 11, 2003
    While I'm ardently not in the camp that has been laying stringent criticism at DB10's door of late, I do accept that he is not the player that he once was. His touch and experience can still be of benefit to the team, but, not, it would seem, his mouth!

    Does anyone else think his Euro comments are bang out of order? As one who has refused to take part in nearly all of the away legs, it seems a bit churlish to be criticising the teams attitude, however well intentioned. On top of that I don't agree with his assessment. Yes we've been too tentative in our approach to the CL, but, to suggest we can resolve that by playing attacking football is tantamount to the dead Captain Ahab waving on the rest of his crew to their deaths at the hands of Moby Dick! It has often been attempting to play this way, against more disciplined european opposition, that has been our undoing.

    The Leeds game was the first indication that the attacking side of our game is getting back into full gear, but, with respect to Leeds, this was not a true test. We have stayed unbeaten by playing in a workman-like manner and I believe this is exactly how we need to approach the Kiev game. If counter attacking opportunities arise we have the players to capitalise, but, as well as being a must win match it is absolutely a must not lose?
  2. jegerpenge

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    Jan 18, 2003
    Lake Charles, LA
    i disagree. this game is only must win. if we draw, it's over. if we go in with the kind of attitude of "don't lose", that is basically saying a draw is acceptable, and this is not that case. it can only be a win or we should just play the next two matches with the reserves
  3. fox point fury

    May 19, 2001
    I'd like to take issue with the idea that Bergie "refuses" to fly. IIRC the legitimacy of his fear of flying has never been called into question; if it has, it surely hasn't been proven false or we would've heard plenty about it. I think it's important that folks who are criticizing his efforts (both on the pitch and in the press) recognize that he doesn't miss all those games by choice but because of a (mental) health problem.

    Sure, he doesn't seem like he's injured, but that's the effect a phobia can have on a person. Chances are he's tried a few options to get him on the plane in the past. Hell, at his wages I doubt that Arsenal's board have just taken him at his word on the subject.

    I guess I feel that Bergie has as much right to speak out about Arsenal's Euro performances as any other player. As for the truth of his words, I can't say as I don't think I've ever been fortunarte enough to see one of Arsenal's CL games. I do, however, think that someone with Bergie's football-intelligence and his personal knowledge of the team's stengths and weaknesses could form a fairly accurate view of what needs to be done. Asking this team to play it safe when they're desperate for goals would, in my opinion, set them up for failure, so I guess I'm with Bergie after all.
  4. JohnW

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    Apr 27, 2001
    St. Paul
    Re: Re: Bergkhamp Firing Blanks

    You are correct. We are not only at the bottom of the table with 1 point from three matches, we have a -4 goal differential.

    Anything less than successive two-goal victories over the next two games, and it's over.

    As far as Bergkamp's comments go, I think he's just stating the obvious.
  5. 442

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    Dec 28, 2000
    Secret ArseAm HQ
    This is sticky. We're in a desperate situation and a star player who doesn't travel to Europe starts calling the team out. I could see where maybe privately a Pires or Henry could say, "and what exactly have you done lately?"

    Whatever the reason/cause of DB10's inability to fly, the fact is, he doesn't travel. The other truth is that at this point in his career, I'm not sure how much he would be helping us.

    Yeah, we need three wins at this point in the CL. The question is, do we grind out a tough 1-nil win or play balls out for a 4-2 win?

    This speaks to Wenger's perhaps only failing as a manager. He seems to have difficulty adjusting to situations and/or opponents, especially in-game.

    Against Kiev or Moscow, I would try to absorb the attack and hit on the counter. Inter's attack is too good for that and I would try to play for a low scoring result.
  6. martymarts

    martymarts Member

    Mar 11, 2003
    I'm not criticising DB10's inability to fly. I believe he is fully committed to the team and has a genuine problem. I just don't think he's the right guy to be making those remarks. I agree we've "bottled it" in the CL, but, I don't think, pardon the pun, an 'all guns blazing' approach will work.

    We've got to go with experience, start cautiously and with discipline and read the opposition before setting out our stall. If we get caught going forward, and give away a sucker goal in the first 10 minutes, chances are we'll be out! Sir Red Nose is the master of this! He knows that it's easier to score in the last 15 minutes than in the first; when players are tiring and concentration slipping. I'd like to see the stats on the # of CL matches where we've fallen behind and then gone on to win? A few notable examples of leads squandered come to mind, but, not too many the other way!

    Come on you Gunners!!!
  7. TxTechGooner

    TxTechGooner we're having fun here, no?

    Feb 24, 2003
    i feel anyone should be able to state their opinion~ bergkamp, wenger, henry.. whomever..
  8. leepyswetr

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    Nov 4, 2003
    Doesn't matter. Three wins probably puts us through. I'd prefer to see a few goals, though. Maybe that would get the train back on the track.

    Edit: Actually, with a little work, I'm pretty sure three wins guarantees we advance. Worst case scenario is:

    Inter and Kyiv both beat Lokomotiv, and draw each other. That gives:

    Inter-10 points
    Kyiv-10 points
    Arsenal-10 points
    Lokomotiv-4 points

    First tie-breaker is highest number of points in the group of tied teams.

    Inter-7 points (beat Arsenal, beat Kyiv, lose Arsenal, draw Kyiv)
    Kyiv-4 points (beat Arsenal, lose Inter, lose Arsenal, draw Inter)
    Arsenal-6 points (lose Inter, lose Kyiv, beat Kyiv, beat Inter)

    Does that look right?

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