Benfica 3-2 Rio Ave (TACA)

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    Another amazing come from behind win. This match may have been fixed though.

    Sample oneć_64/

    If you look closely it is evident that Seferovic's is offside. Also, the balls elasticity does not seem to be intact and the ball may have been ineligible to play so it should have been ruled out regardless. The trajectory and velocity by which it travels on lay back header is not physically possible....

    Sample twoć_71/

    This is a double fault. The ball is out when he crosses it and it is also clearly a foul on the defender. In fact 4 minutes prior to this a throw in that should have gone Benficas way was given to Rio Ave....I believe this impacted the game and altered Rio Aves fomration to make them more attacking by gaining the throw and may have played a role in this goal.


    Here the referee did not give Benfica a penatly which was detrimental to Rio Aves chances. Had the referee given the penalty than Benfica would not have been able to come from behind and win.....and Rio Ave could have done so. Its obvious that Rio Ave got too comfortable by scoring the second goal which allowed Benfica to takeover and later score two goals (unfairly too)
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