becks to own a franchise

Discussion in 'LA Galaxy' started by dashiel, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. dashiel

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    Jul 15, 2000
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    unverified blog from an unconfirmed source. curious i wonder if he would be given the opportunity to buy in to the second new york team, or if AEG would give up their stake in LAG?

    i can't imagine becks, or perhaps more importantly posh, being happy anywhere but LA or NY.

    could be amusing in a few years, with lalas as GM, becks as an owner and i'm sure jones will get some position with the team. donovan has always expressed an interest in team ownership too.

  2. Baysider

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    I don't know about that source.

    It also reports Ronaldo as definite and lists Figo as interested which seem unlikely.

    Interesting possiblity though.

    It also says that they are considering raising the number of DP slots to two. Maybe Lalas told them he was having a hard time getting a second slot, so they agreed to change the rules. After all, everyone is going to see a bump in ticket sales from Beckham's arrival.
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    Aug 22, 2006
    Garber was asked this yesterday. He denied it.
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    I believe he denied that Beckham would have a right of first refusal on a 2nd NY area franchise, not whether he had a right to buy a franchise at the end of his contract. Frankly, I think anybody with $25M and some kind of plan to get a stadium built can have a team if they want it.
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    Maybe last week.

    Not any more.

    DCU just sold for $33 mill and a "60-90 days"-esque stadium plan.

    Beckham just bulldozed the sponsorship ceiling. There's a lot more money at stake these days, and franchise values will reflect that.
  6. greatscott

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    but imagine if DC had sold AFTER beckham was signed.

    i think they couldnt have gotten more. but maybe MLS needed that 33 mill to help pay for beckhams contract
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    Along those lines, I think this is the same reason why most clubs have not sign shirt sponsrship deals yet, because with the signings of big name players league-wide comes larger sponsorship bids. I think RSL wasn't wise to sign a shirt sponsor so quickly, especially since they signed that deal before trading for Freddy Adu.

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