Bayern Munich vs. The Arsenal, Wednesday April 17, 2024 2000 GMT

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    forgot about him
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    I think that for all the confidence and self-belief he projects, Arteta is still insecure and cautious as a first time manager.

    He prefers to sign players with PL experience. He opts for veterans over academy kids for mop-up duty. He waits until late to make subs. He doesn't try to rehabilitate troublesome players, he kicks them out of the club. If a lineup works, he sticks with it, he doesn't rotate.

    More experienced mangers think they are the one that can turn a 17 yo into a star, or fix the attitude problems of a headcase, or rotate out 5 starters and still get the 3 points.
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    I have always thought Mikel seems more insecure and defensive than naturally confident. I think he tries to put on a good show for the latter.
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