Barcelona can't pay its debts and it request aid

Discussion in 'Spain' started by MadridForever, Oct 27, 2003.

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    This is my first Barcelona's thread, but i think that this information could be useful for Barcelona supporters.

    In the last week many Spain newspapers have written about the very bad economic situation of Barcelona. Barcelona have stopped the construction of his new training grounds because they CAN'T PAY the constructors. And they are renegotiating its debts because BARCELONA CAN'T PAY TO THE BANKS.

    Here you have some links about that:

    In "diario Marca", the title "El club renegociará su deuda de unos 180 millones con los bancos" " the club renegotiating its debt of about 180 millions with the banks",405623,00.html

    In El periodico de cataluña - one of the big newspapers of catalonia - the title is "El barsa no puede pagar sus deudas y pide ayuda" "the Barsa can't pay its debts and it request aid"Ça

    In terra "El Barça busca ampliar los plazos para pagar la deuda y, a la vez, poder pensar en el futuro" /"The Barça looks for to extend the terms to pay the debt and, simultaneously, to be able to think about the future"
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    FCB President recently discovered and made public that 6900 people were going to the stadium for free. Some of these were acceptable (former players/celebrities, player families, etc.) but 6900 is pretty huge if you think about it.

    Also, look at their recent "BIG" player acquisitions: Rustu (turkey), Marquez(MEX), Quaresma(POR). Marquez and Rustu are not playing. Quaresma is playing but not consistently either. Last year was Saviola and Riquelme. Riquelme never got a chance to adjust to the team. Saviola did not play that much. When you buy expensive players and dont make them play, your players' value go down (example Riquelme). Same goes for Kluivert, who up till last year was the most expensive player on the team. Not playing now. When they transfer these guys, they will lose more money.
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    Those aren't the expensive players. Its Rochemback, Geovanni, Christanaval, Dani, who were expensive. Rochemback + Geovanni were over $33 Million USD themselves in transfer fees.

    Of the people still coming for free, that needs to be sorted out. As well as a larger advertising push.

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