Baltimore prevails in NISL title tilt

Discussion in 'Pro Indoor Soccer' started by slickersoccer, Apr 11, 2009.

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    Final score 13-10 Blast, for those of you that didn't get to watch the webcast. It was a very intense game that came down to the wire after a Rockford goal to draw to within 3 late in the 4th. The stands looked pretty full, and the atmosphere seemed to actually live up to championship game standards. There's a lot to be said for doing away with neutral site finals games (though I know that had little to do with the MISL breaking up, despite recent press). This game was a lot of fun to watch and reminded me why I like indoor soccer so much.

    Congratulations to the Blast. They seemed like the best team all year and deserved to be the champions, though there were not the unbeatable leviathan that everyone was worried about once it was announced that the NISL would not have a salary cap. Rockford was very competitive tonight, and I really have to salute their effort. They have come a long way from the team that was getting manhandled by the Blast early in the year, and I hope they'll make it back next year. A nice way to end an imperfect first season for the NISL.
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    Half time show brought maybe another Mexican team or two...and Wichita!

    Who knows, I want more teams.... It was a great game and I hope they build. I will only say that the XSL needed a game to determine it. Kinda felt foolish without it.
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    sad result, but glad the Rampage got to the Finals and I was there to cheer them on. some Baltimore faithful gave us shite....for no apparent one kicked out as he started a drunken rant while I was speaking with another Blast fan. But there are always idiots everywhere.

    Otherwise a crazy game, in which I do disagree with atleast 4 calls by the refs namely the Brooks foul and the Sanaldo blue-card...pure-cowpie.

    Next year will be even more intense as more teams will join the fray. We will see if the Rampage can improve themselves to get over the 1-4 hurdle that they were against the B-last.

    Congrats to Baltimore on becoming the greatest championship indoor team in history and of this decade. To win five championships in seven years is something that is unprecedented and it doesn't matter what sport or the level of competition you face to see that this is indeed something real special.

    also, whomever called me a traitor during the webcast...say it to my face. If you think im a traitor, then you think im a traitor, but say it to my face not on a webcast forum while you hide behind a dinky little screen-name.

    and on that I end this NISL season with:

  4. BlastFan1

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    Aug 27, 2005
    Congratulations to my BLAST// A very intense and well fought game. To the Rockford group that came to support your team---Very well done and I salute you for your showing support. Please don't let the jerks that heckled you--and yes I saw it from across the arena-give you a bad impression of Baltimore. I got to talk with a few fans after the game by the Rockford lockerroom. That drum was impressive////
    I want to thank the Blast for letting the fans go on the field after the ceremony was over so they could congratulate the players///////That made it even more special
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    "Unprecedented???" How about the Sockers' 10 championships in 11 years?
  6. hbk1970

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    Apr 12, 2009
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    A fantastic Indoor Game. The Rockford Support although small in numbers was fantastic to see. I would hope for some expansion next year but my question is depending on the status of the 1st Mariner Arena will the Blast have a place to play? The only other tweak is please eliminate the Golden Goal game.
  7. Blastnut2

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    Feb 25, 2008
    A very intense game. At no time was the Rampage out of the game and their supporters were great, I am assuming that most drove because I can't imagine what it would cost to take that drum on the plane. I was pleased at the reaction of the crowd and the amount of red that they wore. The place was loud and when Rockford scored you could have heard a pin drop,(or a drum being banged). Just some impressions from the game: IMO the referees,(what officials?), allowed too much physical play, especially away from the ball. There were a lot of elbows, body blocks, cheap shots, ect, both ways. At eight minutes left in the game, the refs put their whistles in their pockets and the game started to resemble the last reel of the movie Rollerball,(the James Caan version). I have never seen so many yellow cards for dissent in one game, to me that was the red flag that the refs were not in control of the game. Once the score was 13-8, it looked like the Rampage was content to avoid being embarassed, they were not as aggressive and even with the sixth attacker did not push like a team trying to make up ground. And lastly, in all sports I have seen and many times been a participant in hard-fought and bitter games. I have never seen a team start a fight on the field while the other team was trying to celebrate a championship. The Rockford team had to be removed from the field by security as certain players would not stop trying to disrupt the championship celebration. To the Rockford fans and the Rampage organization, I salute you and I look forward to the games against the Rampage next year. As for the Rampage players causing the commotion, you were an embarassment to your team and your fans and you exhibited the single least classy thing I have seen in over fifty years of following all sports.
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    Sep 9, 2008
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    Capt. Chaos

    I seen you at the game , you guy did a great job cheering on rampage the refs calls were unreal most fouls should of been 2 min penalty's no doubt & a few that were should not of been
    I thought the blast played like crap the 1st half Rockford dominated the first 2 quarters but could not manage to hit the target man in the box & never manage to pick up the garbage goals that they should of had
    the second half was a lot better Baltimore came out of the locker room it seemed to me with a different team its was not until the 3rd quarter that Rockford Started to run out of steam this is what caused them to loose in the end & the crowd of 9,857 did not help any at all
    when the game was over I was shocked at the fights started between Baltimore & Rockford the during the Blast Celabration the rampage started fighting with them selfs and the Baltimore city police dept had to come on the field & break it up
    During the trophy Presentation Rockford just left the field instead of waiting until the presentation was over i got most of this on video & well post it as soon as i can figure out how to edit it its shaky from me running down the steps of the arena it was nice to see that some of the Rockford rampage players joint the blast for the after party at Rella Rosa's in canton
    Congrats to the blast a championship well earned

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    Sep 23, 2008
    How about the Sockers' 10 championships in 11 years

    Yes now that is what i call a major butt kicking
    but it was nice of them to leave the misl in 83-84 so the my Blast could taste victory.:rolleyes:
  10. DC47

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    Dec 9, 2008
    Two of my favorite players from the last year of MISL were Detroit's Jamar Beasley and Jonathan Greenfield. They went to the NISL for this season. Beasley didn't seem to do much, and Greenfield hardly played. I wonder if anyone can tell me what happened with them this past season?
  11. newhaven9

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    Apr 12, 2009
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    Well from what I heard Beasley was hurt alot this the yr and Greenfield the same, most of the players from detroit's old team got hurt, Sampson, Hewerton, Beasley and Greenfield weird season.
  12. Dale K

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    Mar 26, 2008
    Greenfield hardly played? He was running regular shifts on defense in the latter parts of the season and making a number of his trademark runs out of the back.

    He was injured early on and missed a few games.
  13. DC47

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    Dec 9, 2008
    I just checked the Baltimore Blast website. Clicking on Greenfield on the roster shows his stats year by year. This source says he played in zero games for the Blast in 2008-09. Is there a better source for current stats?
  14. Dale K

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    Mar 26, 2008
  15. DC47

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    Dec 9, 2008
    Thanks for the source Dale. Looks like Greenfield played in 12 games, not the zero shown on the Baltimore website under the player bio. However, he must not have played all that much, as his scoring and block stats are way down from his 2007-2008 season in Detroit. I hope he's fully back in action next season.

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