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Discussion in 'USA Men: Fans & Travel' started by braun, Sep 16, 2008.

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    That was specifically meant for people who don't make much money. You obviously don't have much experience travelling and supporting the USA, don't you?

    It's not cheap. All this "should organize" talk is usually reserved for those who haven't done much in the 1st place.

    All I want from USSF is a section where I and other vociferous USA fans can stand all match and support the team, without using stupid "mow my lawn" comments towards Mexicans.
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    The article above references the schedule being set by a draw. Maybe it's not random, but all indications would seem to suggest that. And, for the very reason you mention - that everyone is going into the same pot - there's no reason to base it on seeding (or even on a team's position in the current round, i.e., A1 will be team 1, B1 will be team 2, etc). Seeding is usually done to ensure that teams go into different pots, which has no application here.

    Just curious as you've made multiple references to it, what is the deal with revenues from these games? Are they shared with the region? On what basis? Anyone know anything about that?

    Also, if you want to play devil's advocate on this, isn't it actually likely that US-Mexico will be a sellout for both of the games, whether played on weekday or weekend? If maximizing attendance is the goal, wouldn't you do so by playing those games midweek when you might otherwise draw less? Just thinking out loud. :eek:
  3. thethinwhiteduke

    Feb 13, 2008
    the USSF should give us access to tickets, give us a section to stand and we, the fans, take care of the rest.
  4. Well, the truest answer I could give is, I don't know. So, in light of all this just being a wild-ass guess ...

    It may be fully random, or it may be semi-random. I know that UEFA has some leeway in their scheduling as long as the matches stay on int'l dates and the sides can agree. There won't be any extra matchdays in CONCACAF, but it would make sense to put high-profile matches on "more accessible" days. And, it would also make sense that the big bears in CONCACAF get a lot of say-so in their scheduling. Maybe not, but if they did, it would make sense.

    As for any benefit that CONCACAF gets ... it would make sense for the richer nations to have to "revenue share" with the poorer ones, although I don't know if that's programmatic. I'm pretty sure that this happens on a larger scale --- UEFA helps out CAF and poorer AFC nations --- but again, I don't know for sure. It would make sense.

    Finally, there's the "rising tide lifts all boats" dynamic, where high-profile CONCACAF matches only helps with revenues AND exposure.

    As far as filling the stadiums on Wednesdays ... I think that would be short-sighted. A USA:MEX match will get some play in Europe ... not as much as UEFA matches, but some. A Wednesday match = midnight or later start in London ... no TV audience. A Saturday afternoon match = 7:00 PM (or so) start in London ... some TV audience.

    Revenue is big, but so is exposure. A Wednesday match, while it may have the same revenue, would not have the same exposure.

    Anyway, my $0.02.
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    Aug 1, 2007

    They have about $40 Million +. I pretty sure they can spend 500,000 on a mass cordinated plan to create a box of 5,000+ fans once every 4 years, with us all paying the traveling cost ourselves. It gonna probally take that amount of money to reserve the that box specifically for us, but our federation should do it.
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    Aug 1, 2007

    No your wrong, it is just better whan you have 4,000+ supporters together in a mass group, than a few packs of twenty to a hundred.

    And what does having money have to do anything. Money is worst possible thing about sports. In Baseball and in most other sports games you have people who are their everyday for their team, but wont get a World Series ticket because some hot shot who has never been to a baseball game before will take up that seat because he is rich and can afford it. A money comment should let be left out of this discussion.
  7. thethinwhiteduke

    Feb 13, 2008
    well, in that case i think we are going to have to agree to disagree on what we believe the priorities of the USSF should be.
    i think that if people are willing to pay for travel, lodging and personal expenses then the issue in getting into the match with a free ticket or paid ticket isnt the dealbreaker. the USSF already gets an allocation for its supporters, im happy with that.
  8. #1 Feilhaber and Adu

    Aug 1, 2007

    Yea i comply. We should pay the traveling cost ourselves but USSF should set up a massive box for us so we can make noise together rather than having many groups of little supporters scattered around the stadium.
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    Sep 25, 2000

    Actually, he isn't wrong, you just misunderstood what he's talking about.

    People were talking about how the Fed should essentially pay for us to go down there to follow the US team, or how USA supporters groups should charter a plane just for the 200 fans going down. It's not realistic, for a couple of reasons, but most of them are financial & administrative, and beyond the realistic reach of Sam's Army/AO.

    For example, last time we went to Azteca, I was in a group of 8 guys from NYC, 1 from Washington, 1 from Seattle and we hung with a guy who brought 3 from Miami. Where does the plane leave from for those fans? Even Dallas isn't a perfect spot for everyone, and coordinating a plane full of people and checking to see if they have passports and making sure everyone has connecting flights and getting everyone hotel accomodations and match tickets and airport transfers and a ride to the's a full time job. I say this because I know people that do that, as their full time job. If anything, maybe you get a travel agency that works out a tour package for everyone, but that's still bringing in professionals, not soccer fans working for free in their spare time.

    Also, we're talking about the Mexico game, in Mexico, so 4,000 people traveling is not realistic. I was there last time and we were sub 300, a number of whom were Yanks living in Mexico City. If we got 500 people to fly into Mexico for this game alone, it would be a lot.

    At home games like USA v. Mex in Columbus in 05, we had a lot of fan support all rallied in one end, and it was great. That was how it should be. No one is suggesting we dump that plan for scattered fans sitting wherever. But, in Azteca you aren't going to get the 1,500 or so people that were in the (??) north endzone of CCS that you did last time. Just aren't.

    What the USMNT general manager (I know because I talked to her about this afterwards) did was arrange for the Mexican fed to give us a block of seats surrounded by riot police. It was great. They should do this again, and I'm sure they will. And, btw, my ticket to the game was like sub $ 50. I'd rather they arrange for me to buy that ticket, I'll pay for it, and they can put my $ 50 towards a soccer field somewhere to find the next Jozy Altidore. Giving someone a free $ 50 ticket when they'll have to spend $ 1k they don't have to get to Mexico City to use it, won't move the dial of people willing to fly that far and spend that much for a game. Keep the $ 500k, use it on something else.

    The "getting there part" is up to each fan, not up to the Fed. Always has been, always will be. And, the ability to get there will always come down to money.

    As I hope you've learned by watching the news over the last week- money has to do with everything. That fan you talk about going to baseball games everyday- unless he/she is a moron- has season tickets, which come with playoff rights automatically, though they have to be paid for. A number of those fans will take those tickets and sell them during the playoffs, making enough money to pay for half of their season tickets if they play their cards right (in NY, anyway) and the team goes deep into October.

    I agree that money is the worst thing about sports, but, you can't unscrew the pooch. Unless you are content to watch youth summer camp cup stacking tournaments or something, money will come into every sports discussion in the 21st century. Sucks, but that's life. Can't pull your sweater over your head and make it go away.
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    Aug 1, 2007

    i think you misuderstood my post as well:D. I am not talking about having charter flight i was talking about USsoccer arrange Airport tickets from that persons location. But as you can see above i complied and agree we will be paying for airfare and traveling costs ourselves but USSoccer in my opninon should do thier part and arrange a huge box for all the US supporters, just like everybody else's federation does for away WCQ.
  11. FWIW, the USSF is aware of the consumer demand for a "budget package" for international matches. This wouldn't be some fancy-schmancy travel package with airfare and 5-star hotel.

    By "budget package," I mean that fans are responsible for getting there on their own and their passport/visa requirements. Once they're there, the USSF knows there is demand for the "on-the-ground" part of the trip. "On the ground" means group hotel, game ticket, transportation to and from Azteca, police protection, and game ticket. Maybe it could also include a couple of drinks and a special tailgate. The hotel would be decent, not a dive, but also not the Ritz.

    You'd buy your own transportation, which costs whatever, and you'd also buy a "budget package" from USSF.

    Basically, it would be everything that we already do dozens of times over for domestic matches, only they help us out for international matches since they know the int'l traveling game better than most of us do.

    Anyway, they know there's demand out there. I don't know if it's something that would actually work, though.
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    I'm down for a "Budget Package". All I want is to show up at location "X" in Mexico City, get a bus ride to the stadium and back, and have a ticket for the designated US Supporters section.

    I've spent WAY too much money in the past on full packages offered by "Official USMNT Travel Companies" that were an absolute rip off and extremely inconvenient to boot.

    I can figure out how to get to MC and back on my own. Hotel suggestions are nice, but not necessary.
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    Lets move this forward.....


    Is there anyone -seriously in the know- out there who can add to the discussion about ticket allocation?

    I've been to numerous overseas US games but have yet to experience Azteca. I WILL be going this year with up to a dozen others from the area.

    Is the USSF capable/willing to disto these tickets to Fan Groups -such as Sams Army/Outlaws etc..? Or are we on our own?

    If there is going to be an allocation,.. is it best to join one of these outfits to get an order in?


    Football lines?
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    Kudos to Jamison....

    I was at both MEX games last cycle. I organized my own little get together with various fans, took the subway to the train station, had a great time.

    US Sponsored travel companies are there to make money, run OK concepts, and the US Feds have to run a business of developing US Soccer Players, which means they don't have money to just give people to arrange accomodation.

    Last time around, the secured the lot of tickets into the stadium. I hope they do it again (and I hope they do it for the world cup, yes I know, pipe dream :D ) because I can do all the rest of the travel arrangements on my own, for the budget oriented. It's not that difficult to travel plan, it's just time consuming and you need a little patience.
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    exactly. As long as the USSF can get us a block of tickets in the stadium, surrounded by police, I will be very happy. I think with the collective efforts of everyone on here, we will be able to organize hotels and get togethers and all that stuff on our own.

  16. BROSUF

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    How did one get the tickets? Through a travel agency, USSF or...?

    Heres the scenario for the true budget oriented gringo flying into DF.

    I can plan my own travel.
    I have a hotel.
    I will take the subway.

    There is no reason for me to purchase some package-even a budget one.

    I just want a ticket in a section with American fans..

    How -in the past-has this been handled for games at Azteca?
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    Last time - USSF had a ticket sale a couple of months before the match. You placed your order online and tickets were sent out via FedEx (along with a page or two State Department 'advisory'/info on Mexico, etc.), received three to four weeks before the match. Azteca stadium personnel and security were very aware of our presence when we arrived, leading us directly to an allocated section (regardless of what our ticket location said). They moved us from one section to one adjoining it, but kept a security/police wall (incl. dogs) around us the entire time.

    You are correct, the metro is attached the airport, the downtown (where a few of us stayed at a very cheap and nice hostel ($12/night) with some cool bars), Zona Rosa (where most of the partying took place and several of the supporters stayed), and Azteca.

    The only thing that may be worth splurging on is a seat on the bus back from Azteca. Last time, that information (bus) was very visible on these boards and it included a match ticket. Organized by one of the official travel groups (Ole, etc.)

    The subway was absolutely fine going to the match last time, but I'm not sure if everyone will be completely hospitable if we get a positive result (a win) down there.

    I booked everything myself last time, dirt cheap, and my trip for 3 nights including airfare, ticket, food/beer was $600.
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    The hard part about any of the trips is access to the game ticket inside the stadium. If the USSF can handle that part (and I don't need them to pay for it just allow me the ability to get the tickets) then the rest is fine.

    Mexico City, Venezuela (El Cuatro 4 - Chavez 0) , Germany, Cuba (Still pissed), South Africa, I'll get myself and whoever else wants to join in on the adventure, to the game!

    Personally, half the adventure and excitement is planning everything and then making mid-adventure changes as events dictate. A professionally organized tour (in the old Soccer Travel definition of tour operator) doesn't allow you the flexibility to make it the way you want.
  19. I'm pretty sure that the USSF realizes not everyone would want a budget package. If you want to make all your own arrangements, go for it.

    If I understood correctly, the USSF is efforting to try to help the "average fan" with this. There's still numbers to run and things that would have to happen ... if this "budget package" costs more than what folks could arrange on their own, it would make no sense, of course.

    The flip side is, it's always a lot more fun when you're around like-minded people, meaning, if there was a way to "herd the cats" when the USMNT plays out of the USA, that could only improve the experience of the int't traveling fan. And, it would help with organizing the on-the-ground support.

    These things make sense to me. Will they make sense for my travel budget? I dunno, I guess we'll find out. If they don't make sense for you or if you don't want to participate, God love you, I'm sure they'll be glad that you're at the game.
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    Well as someone who lived 6 months in Mexico City.
    You could just take a taxi to the hotel. You could even have the hotel people arrange for it.

    Or just wear a green t-shirt underneath your jersey to make your escape. Just don't talk at all and you'll be fine. Theres plenty of light skinned gringo-Mexicans or give them the ole "I'm Canadian" run around if someone does want to talk to you. Then say "VIVA MEXICO!" and you wont have to fear for your life.
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    Not buying into a ticket package has nothing to do with "going it alone". For my purposes, and maybe a few others, I plan on spending up to a week in DF. Mexico City is a big place but I can read a message board and spot an Uncle Sam hat like anyone else.

    If the USSF is on this allocation and they will be selling, BRAVO! I just want to have the option available for anyone who wants just a ticket to be able to purchase just that.

    I traveled to COPA last year -w/o tickets- and some of the stories I heard from those who had purchased tickets through Ole' were absurd. Paying top US prices for dumpy hotels, cancelled flights -bumped off of planes- tickets that were nowhere near the sections they bought in to. Or,.. no tickets at all.

    Sure, this isn't Venezuela... and with an allocation and everyone in the same section I'm all for it.

    A ticket in hand for Azteca!
    Got my Hoel Sorted out
    Book my Flight

    More money to chip in for endless rounds of Cerveza!
  22. I can't imagine the USSF *NOT* selling just tickets ... why would they do that?
  23. dirk diggler

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    Yeah, there is no reason the Federation wouldn't sell tickets; and even if they didn't there is always Some folks are making this trip way more complicated then it should be. This all you have to do:
    1. Purchase match tickets from the federation
    2. Book round trip airline tickets via
    3. Book hotel in the Zona Rosa via
    4. The evening before the match meet up at a bar/pub in the Zona Rosa.
    5. Day of the match, meet up at the Insurgentes metro station in the Zona Rosa.
    6. Take metro to Tasquena Station, then transfer to the above ground tram which takes you direct to Azteca.
    7. Watch the US kick Meixco's ass.
  24. radmonkey

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    Oct 27, 2007
    I'm partial to Coyoacan myself and it's a lot closer to Azteca.

    Although if I had the cash I'd stay here.
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    I'm looking for advice about Mexican airfare. I live in El Paso and various people have told me that I can book a flight from the Juarez airport and it will be cheaper. Any experience on Mexican airlines or suggestions?

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