Austria Vienna's house of horrors

Discussion in 'Germany' started by Mattbro, Aug 13, 2002.

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    Sep 21, 2001
    Here's an article I found at the Vienna Kurier website ( Unfortunately, there's no direct link, but I've translated the article for your entertainment. Enjoy!


    The mystery of “Horror Stadium”

    Macabre coincidence or sharp fence? For the third time already this season, a fan may have lost a finger at Horr Stadium in Vienna.

    The first such incident took place last year during the friendly between Austria and Bayern Munich. The finger was found by stadium security personnel, yet the victim didn’t contact authorities until days later – at which time it was no longer possible for doctors to reattach the digit.

    During the Vienna derby between Austria and Rapid a week ago, a 26-year-old soccer fan once again became caught on the fence during an enthusiastic goal celebration in such an unlucky fashion that his ring finger was severed. Despite quick action from police and medical personnel, it was too late for a successful operation.

    In the visitors’ section

    The rumor among fans has it that yet another severed finger was found last Saturday during the friendly between Austria and 1860 Munich. Once again, the digit was said to have been found on the east stand of Austria’s stadium – the steel-pipe stand behind the goal that is reserved for the supporters’ clubs of Austria’s opponents.

    Fan expert Thomas Winklmann of the Vienna police department is only aware of the first two incidents. The supposedly problematic fence on the east stand has been approved by authorities.

    Contrary to expectations, there had been no scuffles during the Vienna derby, according to Winklmann. The one-year stadium ban imposed on the seven Rapid hooligans who had rampaged in Eisenstadt appears to have served as a deterrent.
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    Ouch! Das hat mir den Hunger verdorben...

    And those Rapid hooligans only got a one-year ban for their actions which halted the Arsenal game in Burgenland!? Far too easy, it seems.
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    Jan 11, 2002
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    ouch! if i ever get out (to watch a match)there i'm wareing mittins on my hands!
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    Dec 5, 2001
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    Feb 1, 2004
    no 2 years... but we save this guy with 300 of us.
    last horr derby we kick 35 police action force called turtels, from our sector.

    i was in burgendland vs. arsenal too, it was not so bad. salzburg last season was much more.

    you know, we have more than 300.000 fans, and there is more hooligans like 50000-60000 austria vienna fans. you know.

    what will you do
    (is infront of austria vienna fan-sector)

    it´s not the best face of this sport, but we are not in the micky mouse club.
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    This belongs in the Austrian and Swizz Forum though, doesn't it?
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    That's OK, you can keep it.

    - Your Austrian forum moderators. :D

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