August 2-4;Centenary's trofhy: Milan, Liverpool, Bayer Munich and Real Madrid

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    Tomorrow begins the Bernabeu's Trofhy (this year named Centerary's trofy). And this year the Real Madrid has invited the most prestigious teams in europe to play it. Between the four teams they have these trofhies:

    5 Copas de Europa
    17 Scudettos
    4 Copas de Italia
    2 Recopas de Europa
    3 Supercopas de Europa
    3 Copas Intercontinentales
    4 Supercopas italianas
    2 Copas Latinas

    4 Copas de Europa
    18 Premier League
    6 Copas de Inglaterra
    6 Copas de la Liga
    2 Supercopas de Europa
    3 UEFA
    14 Charity Shield

    4 Copas de Europa
    17 Bundesliga
    10 Copas de Alemania
    4 Copas de la Liga
    2 Supercopas de Alemania
    1 Recopa de Europa
    1 UEFA
    1 Copa Intercontinental

    9 Copas de Europa
    28 Campeonatos de Liga
    17 Copas de España
    2 Copas Intercontinentales
    2 UEFA
    6 Supercopas de España
    1 Copa de la Liga
    2 Copas Latinas

    The Bernabeu trofhy is the game in which every pre-season the Real Madrid present the team to his supporters, but this year being the centenary the trofhy will be composed by four games that will be played in three days.

    August 2 - Semifinal - Liverpool - Real Madrid
    August 3 - Semifinal - Milan - Bayern Munich
    August 4 - 3 and 4 position
    August 4 - Final

    Probably Raul, Morientes, Hierro, Casillas, Ivan Helguera and Roberto Carlos won't play the first game because they have begin the pre- season only three days ago. They will be prepared for the game of the day 4.

    More that 300 journalist will be follow the game, that have created a big expectation here in spain and that will the the most important trofhy in this pre-season in Europe.
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