August 17 Semi v. Atlanta [R]

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    Re: video -- oops

    Thanks to a friend, I just got to watch those last 40 minutes. Fantastic!!! We played very well and it was amazing that we did not score before the 89th minute. If only Nel's shot off the cross bar had gone in. What fun to watch! And after the game, as Hege ran around the field exhorting the crowd to hysteria, there was a great, several-second view of TritonSpirit waving his "Norge" banner. Wonderful to come all the way from San Diego and have the camera pick you out!

    Well, they definitely were not ignoring the game in the last five minutes of regulation and the first few minutes of over time. At last! Interest in the action on the field. Play by Play. Excitement in their tone of voice! If only it could have been like that more often during the season.

    What a great season. What fun watching it again on tape.
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    PAX Coverage of the Courage Semifinal Match

    Interestingly enough, I first found out that I had been on television while I was "live" on the radio. I had promised my friends on the San Diego radio show "Inside Soccer" that I would call in and give them a report from Cary about the match. The best opportunity I had for calling in was while I was being driven by Oddball#34 from SAS Stadium to the post match party and the first thing they told me on the air was "you’re the star on television, we’ve been told." :)

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