Arsenal to break away from Champions League?

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by BrianCappellieri, Aug 31, 2002.

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    Interesting, especially since the G14 just backed off their demand to not change the Champions League format.

    But, of course, where would they go? Might the G14 be planning some kind of "EuroLeague" of their members, in addition to their domestic season? The winner of the Champions League plays an additional 17 (12 group games, 2 leg quarter, 2 leg semi, final) games, in addition to their domestic league and cup fixtures. Now that the G14 has 18 members, split that into 2 divisions, play each side home and away, each division winner and runner-up in a 4 team playoff. That adds 16 guaranteed games (19 for the champs & runner-up) to their schedules, one less game than the Champions League winner now gets. And considering that the most that the Champs League guarantees in games is 6 (first group stage, home and away). A guaranteed 8 home dates with some of the best clubs in Europe might be an awfully tempting piece of "forbidden" fruit, for sure.

    You could rotate the divisions, three clubs from each at a time, guaranteeing that in a 3 year period you would have seen every club play at your home ground. Mighty tempting indeed....

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