Are Hybrids worth it?

Discussion in 'Automotive' started by Rjbatzler, May 16, 2008.

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    The quality of American cars have been greatly improved in the last couple of years, you should look at all your options when you're ready to buy your next car.
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    Electric and Hybrid cars are the future of the automobile world as the renewable resources are getting extinct from the face of world. The time has come now, we should really think beyond the diesel and petrol engine. Electric and Hybrid cars often give good acceleration and have generally acceptable top speed. Electric cars gives an advantage in reducing city pollution. Using an electric car would result in a 30% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
    But some of the disadvantages of using electric and hybrid vehicles are they are not producing any type of sound, which may be accidental for those who are handicapped and blind. Presently Mahindra introduces E2O in electric vehicles and now Mahindra to Launch 4-5 Electric Cars in Coming Future. This is highly acceptable as well as recommended to hybrid cars to introduce some noise in the vehicle to avoid accidents. And thus after there noise introduction in vehicle they are some how future of automobile world.
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    I purchased a Camry Hybrid 5 weeks ago. I don't drive a lot, only about 100-125 miles a week, but my wife and I take a couple of long trips -- 2500 miles -- every year. We had been driving a Saturn Vue hybrid that gets 30mpg on the trips, but it's a Saturn, and I would like it to last another 5 years, assuming repairs will still be possible.

    I'm getting 40 mpg so far with the Camry, just around town. I've been driving very conservatively, only accelerating quickly when absolutely necessary. I imagine that other drivers find me annoying but I try to stay out of the left lane except when I need to turn left.

    The Camry is made in Kentucky, so it's American made. I wanted buy a Passat TDI, but my wife was sure we would have trouble finding diesel fuel ( I tried to show her the facts, but she is the sort of person that won't drive 2 miles out of her way unless she's going to save a lot of money ) so I applied the "Happy Wife, Happy Life" principle.

    I'm very content with the Camry Hybrid. It's comfortable enough, rides well, and 40 mpg is 60% better than my 2003 Honda Accord.
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    it's now 9 months and I have put 4800 miles on the Camry. it still has not been taken for the first service -- that will come near the end of March before the trip to Washington State. I'm averaging 41 mpg.
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    Anyone have any first person experience with the Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf?
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    Not even a couple of years back, people weren’t even sure of the future of Tesla Inc., when Elon Musk, the CEO of the company, had set a very unrealistic timeline for the Model 3. This luxury sedan is a result of all the aggressive instincts on their part. In short, the newest Tesla Model 3 is no less than a make-or-break product with a lot depending on it.

    The Tesla Model 3 was initially codenamed as the BlueStar. The company has done all the hard work to make sure that nothing of the things that were hard earned dies away. In saying that the future of the company depends on the present model, we meant that the significant existence of the company was entirely dependent on whether it succeeds in matching its words.

    But now, Tesla Inc. has proven all the pundits and all of the people who doubted the management wrong. The news everywhere flashed that Tesla’s market value in the United States of America topped, dethroning GM in this week's report. This also means that for the first time in the history of this era, the most valuable car in the States is not based in Detroit.
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    Not in my opinion.
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    Tesla is suffering from quality issues. I'm a huge fan of Elon Musk and Tesla, so I hope they fix this. There are often harsh consequences when ramping up production too quickly.

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