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    Free ESMS league! We are just about to start Season 27. 40 teams, 4 divisions, League , Cup and Interleague competitions. You can apply at :

    ESMS (Electronic Soccer Management Simulator) is a simulator of soccer management for play-by-email (PBeM) games. It's basically a football manager e-mail game. Transfers,etc are made via e-mail. You can write news articles(to earn extra game cash/benefits),advertise your transfer list, banter via googlegroups. There are quite a few leagues around using that program.

    Q: When you say "email", is the whole of the game through email? I mean is there not even any sort of interface to go with it?
    A: Yeah there is a whole bunch of programs for running matches,fixtures,tables, finances, transfers, Teamsheet Maker/Checker, player sorting, scouting,Youth Academies,stats etc. But mostly whoever runs the league needs that stuff, as a manager all you need is Teamsheet Maker/Checker and current rosters.

    Anyone interested?
    Apply at

    Several sides available including this one (read below), great fun ....:)
    Glorious Gio Goodness
    Will Gio's magic continue or have we already seen the last of this storied side? The club that was one of the founding members of the league finds itself on the brink of extinction. Will Giosaurus Rex Fx....I mean Gio FC end the way the dinosaurs did. Is it really possible that JAFL will be Gioless in Season 27? Not many JAFL sides can match Gio's amazing history. Let's start from the managers. It's really creme-de-la-creme of the sport. Starting from their first manager, the legendary Sir Ieuan James (whose much less famous brother Gareth is currently managing FC Baggies Tongue), DCU's Tony Mullen , Darren Humphries ( currently with Beckenham) and the last full-time manager Sam "The Burger Boy" Bache whose insisting on strict veganism with the players many fans claim did more harm than good and contributed greatly to recent wooden spooning in the standings. In his latest interview with Sky Sports News Bache however strongly denied these accusations and pointed finger instead at the infamous Allan Gallbraith, the Professor Moriarty of the JAFL saying his predecesessor was one of Gallbraith's much feared Clones!!!

    PFA Cup Winners (S12), JUS Cup Winners (S21), 13 consecutive seasons in Division 1 (S1-S13), 12 consecutive Top 6 finishes (S1 - S12) including 3 runner-up finishes (S3, S5 and S8), 3 third places ( S1, S7 and S9), 8 times they were Top 4....YD1 Champions ( S16) ....are just some of Gio's accomplishments. Admittedly most of the success came in the first 12 seasons of existance, but important trophies such as the JUS Cup and the ever prestigious YD1 title were won relatively recently....In the last 6 months under the guidance of the HQ appointed Benji "Little Norton" Smith of ARM (Airimis back then),DEP,GIO,SAS and JES fame but who was unproven in managerial waters, the club has undergone a true metamorphosis and became the talk of the lower divisions. From wooden spooning in D4 as recently as last November the rejuvenated side have a rare opportunity to get promoted 3 times in 3 seasons as long as they can find a new owner!!! Please help Little Norton outNorton the real Norton!!!
    ( Galaxy Gio )

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