Any Russia trip reports?

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  1. Marius Tresor

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    Aug 1, 2014
    We were in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Volgograd, as far as venue cities. We also went to Lake Baikal (Olkhon Island) and the Caucasus Mountains (Mt. Elbrus region). We had a great time and we particularly enjoyed the natural places, Lake Baikal and the Caucasus. People were very friendly in the small towns and we saw mostly only Russian tourists. It would be great to hear about other places people visited and their experiences there. I am sure many of you have some great stories to tell.
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    Aug 18, 2003
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    Had a great time in Sankt Petersburg and Moscow. Loved SP! Arrived at 1:00am and you could still see daylight. Amazing architecture, friendly people. Very European. I will try to go back to Euro 2020 (should be pretty easy to get tickets, I reckon).

    Took the free train to Moscow overnight right after the Argentina x Nigeria match - 10 hours. Didn't like Moscow quite as much, but there is lots to do. Lots of good bars. Fell in love with Georgian cuisine. Went out to smoke a joint at halftime of the Uruguay x Portugal match and almost got arrested. Well, I would have if I didn't pay-off the cops. lol With all the fuss I missed the tying and winning goals at the start of the second half. Grr..

    Definitely want to return to Russia in the winter sometime and take the train all over the country.
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