Any players going that played in 1990?

Discussion in 'FIFA and Tournaments' started by chapulin, Apr 20, 2006.

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    Are any players going to the 2006 World Cup that were players at the 1990 World Cup? I know there are a couple that played in 1994, but just out of curiosity, how many are from 1990, If any?
  2. AndyMead

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    Roger Milla?
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    Depends how loosely you define "players". Don't think any played/will play at both, but there are a couple that have a chance at making both squads at least.

    Kasey Keller is the first who springs to mind. The way he's been playing Paolo Maldini would be a good chance for the Italian squad if eligible, but I think he's pretty much retired internationally. As for the rest... Ronald Gonzalez of Costa Rica is still playing with Saprissa, but I have no idea what his chances of making the WC squad are, or even if he still plays international football.

    That's pretty much it as I can think - I don't think there are that many more even still playing football any more. What's left of the rest are long past any chance of playing for their countries again - a la Romario.
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    None that played in the '90 WC.
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    However, Dwight Yorke played for Trinidad in the game in Port of Spain in 1989 that determined whether the Soca Warriors or the U.S. would make the trip to Italy. That said, if he'd have had the chance to play in the World Cup in 1990, I'm not sure he would've come out of international retirement last year to help T&T qualify for Germany 2006. Who really knows.
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    klinsmann, van basten

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