Any other good takeover targets out there?

Discussion in 'Business and Media' started by DoctorD, Oct 25, 2004.

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    Malcolm Glazer has hit upon a great opportunity with his attempted takeover of ManU. The economically irrational response of supporter's groups offers excellent profit possibilities.

    1) Find a publicly-traded club with good "churn".
    2) Quietly purchase a ~5% stake in the club.
    3) Openly announce you are increasing your stake. Do not deny takeover questions.
    4) Start acting the ugly American: ostentatiously call the sport "soccer"; hint that pro/rel is obsolete; call for increased scrutiny of player transfers based on investment return, not league position; etc.
    5) If you have played your cards right, supporter's groups and other organizations will frantically buy shares to deny you control. The share price should edge up, you sell to a white knight, and you earn a handsome profit.

    Unfortunately Glazer did not do enough of step #4, so he is stuck in limbo with 28% of the shares. Perhaps he was more interested in owning the team than simply making money.

    So who's the next target?

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