Another youngster added to the stables

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by deeplennon, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Catfish

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    Oct 1, 2002
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    Another Frenchman escapes The Bastille and swims across the English Channel in hopes of Anglo footie

    Hey, if Traore is like the other youngsters that AW keeps landing and developing, sounds great to me.

    The French Legion has another reinforcement in North London!
  2. TxTechGooner

    TxTechGooner we're having fun here, no?

    Feb 24, 2003
    i am not sure i understand any of this jibberish..
  3. g_gip

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    Jun 11, 2005
    With LordR's mom
    If he is like his name sake then God help us:

    "Dont Blame it on Hamann
    Dont Blame it on Biscan
    Dont Blame it on Finnan
    Blame it on Traore!"

    um, its a song...
  4. michaec

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    May 24, 2001
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    Nat'l Team:
    Another left-back. I don't see the point with Cole and Clichy already there, as well as Ryan Garry still in the reserves. When is there going to be some competition for Lauren on the other side?

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