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Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by Kenobi, Jul 26, 2002.

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    OK, for all the talk of Gazza's off-field, troubles, let's put that aside for a moment and just consider him as a footballer. A once-talented player and international name, now somewhat past his prime, oft-bit by the injury bug, comes to MLS simply because he wants to play. This sounds an awful lot like Chicago's own Mad Bulgarian. I remember there being some debate when the league was considering Stoitchov about whether he could contribute anything meaningful to the league. Injuries have limited his play, but I would think it was a pretty successful pickup simply for the experience and knowleddge he has shared with the Fire's younger players.

    So, all this makes me wonder, could Gazza become the same type of player for DC (although hopefully with a lot fewer injuries)?
  2. TEConnor

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    Feb 22, 1999
    Great, so he's going to teach Bobby and Santino what now?

    "Guys, watch this..."
    "Pull my finger..."
    "Betcha can't keep this on your nose for 5 seconds..."
    "Here's how you drive a bus..."
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    hehehe you could look at it that way, but then again you could also say he may teach our guys to relax a little. Isn't this game supposed to be fun?
    Sometimes watching this team in the past 2 1/2 years I am not so sure they still know this.

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