Another Magnificent Day to Be of Service to Corps, God, and Country

Discussion in 'Referee' started by jacathcart, Sep 21, 2003.

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    Oct 11, 2002
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    It was a gorgeous day in the Puget Sound area today - high 60s with a breeze and sunny. My games were on a pitch in good condition and I was doing GU-14 and GU-13 games for a state select league (essentially premier - 3) In contravention of most of our posts here I am happy to report that I had no problems. In fact:

    1. First game was U-14 with very evenly matched teams that went up and down the field hard. Score went 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, and then the home team won with the winning goal at about 3 minutes from the end when a girl took the ball with her back to the goal at about the 25 and turned and shot with one motion and hit it a foot under the crossbar. One of those games that is exciting and keeps youir attention.

    2. Second game I had no ARs but was fortunate enough to have 2 USSF badges in the fandom to be club linesmen -one from each side. one was the coaching director for the home team - "A" license, 25 years in coaching kids and has never had a kid in the game. Takes responsibility for ensuring the parents of his club never yell at the officials.

    3. Game wasn't very good - finished 12-0 in favor of visitors but it wasn't because the home team was terrible. Simply, this GU-13 team was as good as any I have seen. Players were fast and very quick and decisive to the ball - took balls in the air rather than letting them bounce, sent clearing passes to open teammates who would regularly one-touch them outside to players making runs. Triangles were solid so there was always a support to pass back to if pressured and support would clear ball or switch field ASAP. And most amazing of all - the 11th goal was made by a girl who was coming in from the left side with the ball and when the keeper started out she CHIPPED the ball into the goal. This is a very rare skill - not just the physical ability but the decision-making ability.

    So - no questions or conundrums - just me realizing that being on the field and watching healthy, active, and enthusiastic young kids doing something with all their ability and determination is really a gift. And all of you on this list and elsewhere who pull on the uniform and make it possible for the kids to do this are on my list of the good guys (and girls).


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