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Discussion in 'Bill Archer's Guestbook' started by IntheNet, Jun 28, 2005.

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    This gem stood out:

    "It's not torture if:

    — The same acts performed on a live stage have been favorably reviewed by Frank Rich of The New York Times;

    — Andrew Sullivan has ever solicited it from total strangers on the Internet;

    — You can pay someone in New York to do it to you;

    — Karen Finley ever got a federal grant to do it;

    — It's comparable to the treatment U.S. troops received in basic training;

    — It's no worse than the way airlines treat little girls in pigtails flying to see Grandma. "


    "...The best-behaved detainees are held in Camp 4, a medium-security, communal-living environment with as many as 10 beds in a room; prisoners can play soccer or volleyball outside up to nine hours a day..."

    "Nine hours"? Man that's more practice than the Mens National Team!!!!
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    Sep 17, 2004
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    If she had written Hong Kong, then we could have done anything.


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