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Discussion in 'Technical Problems and Bug Reports' started by mace, May 13, 2019.

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    I’m using an iPhone with Safari browser. Every so often, while reading bigsoccer, I get these annoying pop up windows which cover the screen and say I’ve won something. The window cannot be clicked away and the browser ‘back’ button is disabled (history for the tab is instantly filled with the pop up window address).

    Googling this issue indicated that some spam-ware Java code has infested the host server. The workaround is to disable Java on the iPhone. This does indeed work but one loses a lot of functionality when Java is disabled.

    Could the powers that be look into to this and somehow prevent these idiotic scammers from planting this annoying code on your site?

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    United States is a long topic about pop ups, not all of which say you won something, but are equally annoying, and people said that pop ups are stopped by disabling Java like you did. At least one time, BigSoccer claimed that the pop ups came from another site so it wasn't anything BigSoccer could fix. That was proven wrong by somebody saying that he cleared his cache, went to BigSoccer, and immediately got the pop ups again. One tip in that topic is to use Firefox. is about Firefox Focus.

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