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Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by BerlinKopKid, Aug 30, 2007.

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    A goal from that distance is usually celebrated to the rafters, and rightly so, but when you score from that distance you always have to look at the goalkeeper. Just like Xabo Alonso's 75 yard goal against Newcastle last year, if it hadnt been for the keeper, it would have been a wasted shot.

    I did wonder at first look if the keeper had been somehow caught out because of the gridiron lines, because I find watching games with girdiron lines to be totally disorienting. (where's the bloody penalty box!?!?). But on second viewing the keeper was just awfully placed.

    On a seperate note...I once scored from the halfway line back in 1996. I sh*t you not. Okay, it was Sunday League and we were playing poorly getting stuffed and to be frank the "shot" was actually a defensive clearance, but I got it sweetly and it soared and looped into the top corner of the net.

    You will not be surprised to hear howver that I have only scored one goal in proper football since that effort. :(
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