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  1. Counterstrike1.6

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    Dec 21, 2005
    I will not come back into these boards after this post so you can ban/flame away. I would like to inform you all of a study of why you should not play soccer. All of the information is facts. If you wish to get my sources then email me at Note I have no opinion on soccer. This is just a pure study out of facts.

    27% of the people who play soccer have a "harder" time in school
    17% of the people who play soccer have participated in a fight at school
    3% of the people who play soccer have commited suicide
    10% of the riots outside of the USA are commited over soccer issues
    4% of soccer players are arrested for fighting/drugs

    I would like to note that the last fact is for professional soccer players i could not find a number for amature soccer players.

    According to a medical journal I have read i found these numbers

    31% of the people who play soccer have violence issues
    18% of the people who play soccer develop health issues

    Some facts about death/injury rates

    Over 2000 people have dropped dead from cardiac arrest playing soccer from 1927-2005
    over 1000 people have been seriously injured or killed from dehydration

    Now in a research paper you must also highlight the positives.

    People who play soccer develop time management skills
    People who play soccer have a increased social skill
    People who play soccer are more fit then the average person increaseing their lifespan by almost 1.5 years.

    In conclusion

    What you can gather from the facts is that soccer well a very popular sport is not perfectly safe. Now your all probably woundering why i would waste about 2 days of research and 15 minutes of typeing on this. I would like to see some feedback on this research. I am telling you that every number is a fact here and you can email me at and i will give you where i got my souces. If your just going to say ******** YOU or something like that please do not post. Also i know this post will get locked/deleted but if you could leave it up for at least 1 hour before you take it down.

    Merry Christmas
  2. frenil

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    Mar 11, 2004
    Have you even made a comparison to people who doesn't play football/soccer?
  3. Counterstrike1.6

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    Dec 21, 2005
    I broke my promise about not coming back but i had to respond to clear up confusion. I have not completed a study vice versa on this one because it would be to hard to find the research. You see i could find the numbers on people who play a sport vs those who dont but I not get the numbers for soccer/football alone because they do not exist seperatly. If this post remains unlocked i will publish another study that will almost be vice versa as the one i just posted
  4. frenil

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    Mar 11, 2004
    I can't think of a factor, different from all other aspects of life and only specific to soccer, which would make one more prone to those events which you mentioned.
  5. Counterstrike1.6

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    Dec 21, 2005
    That is not true. There are many studys that could contradict what you just said but its getting late and I dont have the info to post a study like you mentioned. If this post is still here tommorow i might post another study which will be more informative then the study i just published.

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