Alert: an open letter to assigners

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    Jun 30, 2017
    One of my colleagues brought this to my attention, something that one of her buddies wrote. Below is the text in full; the impetus was correspondence between the two parties (link below) --

    Youth, Adult, Rec and Comp
    From the U-little to the USL
    PDL, TTL, ECNL, any L
    You make it all happen
    Fall, Winter, Spring
    You make it all swing
    Availabilities, you keep asking
    Many still not complying
    O what a headache they give
    But you still continue to forgive
    Turn-backs, Rejections, Requests,
    But you still remain undeterred

    Spreadsheets, Rankings, Fields, Teams
    O what else must I gather
    Should I get another staffer.
    From 53rd Ave Park to Kelso
    South Medford to Battle Ground
    You get the referees all slotted
    And the sked all sound
    But wait, you forgot to accommodate
    That referee with preference
    For grass field, or crew-mate
    Ahh, now that’s also done
    You made it all happen.

    Dear Assignor, I hope you are doing well
    I know that’s lots to make happen
    And you go through ‘ell
    So I give thanks for providing the opportunity
    To get me a workout
    Sometimes here, sometimes there
    A chance to pay some bills
    And to show leadership skills.

    Now and then I wonder
    And make one thing very clear
    We are in this together
    So how’d I become a pain in your ass
    ignor-ant I was very much
    Thanks to you
    I save fee for half hour on the couch.

    You don’t need me
    I am not an internet sensation as you
    The demand for your services may be high
    But I feel sorry for you
    And to all others, let them remain unaware
    Be they in church, here or there
    Your response is a clear indication of both
    Your incredible insight in the human psyche
    And a feat of observational comedy
    Abrasive! – forsooth.

    It baffles me all those words about
    You clearly know no such thing
    Time and again I wonder
    When there are no referees
    How does one go about assigning.

    Youth, Adult, Rec and Comp
    From the U-little to the USL
    You make it all happen
    You make it all swing
    I am just a referee
    Not put off by such a thing.​
    *In response to a recent correspondence from one assignor
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    Jun 22, 2017
    what is this?
    Referees are becoming poets now - this is new.

    I looked into the linked document. The complete correspondence was less than one hour. It took me more time to understand the posting. Something is rotten somewhere, and it ain't Denmark this time.

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