Amusing YA History: 'Skip' Roderick

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    Found this story, from 1975, today:

    Practically of all the players he brought in made a positive contribution even if some, like Mick Leonard, didn’t appear to have what it takes to make it at that level. Leonard went on to be folk hero in Sligo and this acclaim was richly deserved.

    The one exception to this rule was a balding American-born striker by the name of ‘Skip’ Roderick. All of our readers of a certain vintage will be familiar with the man in question.

    Here was a striker with a difference. The only thing worse than his first touch was his second touch.

    The campaign was going so well that he got precious few chances to display his ‘skills’ but with Rovers concentrating on winning the National League, and rightly so, not too much concentration was put into the FAI Cup.

    Nevertheless, The Showgrounds was full to the rafters when Limerick FC came to visit for an FAI Cup tie. With Billy Sinclair resting a number of the regular first-teamers with a view to National League matches coming up,
    Roderick made the starting eleven.

    Because Rovers were not interested in an FAI Cup run, the game was a disaster, with a very ordinary Limerick side leading 4-0 deep into the second-half. It was at this stage that our friend ‘Skip’ had his moment of glory. A through ball from Michael Betts put him in on goal and he fired home from close-range.

    This made the score 4-1 to Limerick but it was Roderick’s reaction to scoring that amazed everyone in The Showgrounds.

    He proceeded to do a lap of honour around the pitch which I’m sure everyone of our readers who were present will remember vividly and amusingly! It was to be his only moment of glory in The Showgrounds as his contract was not renewed the following season. Red Star Belgrade will never know what they missed! ​

    Full article:

    Skip's bio is here:

    A full profile:

    The man himself:

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    "The only thing worse than his first touch was his second touch."


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