Alright, I'll ask it...what's with the good form all of the sudden? (R)

Discussion in 'Serbia & Montenegro' started by yellowbismark, Nov 20, 2008.

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    3-0 and 3-1 qualifying wins over non-cupcake teams? A 6-1 exhibition win over Bulgaria -and- they missed two penalties in the game??!...All of this has taken place in the last month.

    As someone who is a fan of Serbia but doesn't follow the day-to-day developments of the team, just what in the hell is going on?

    Is it the the case that these former U-21 players are starting to blossom into legitimate players? Is it the new coach? Somebody fill me in...

    I'm so accustomed to disappointment, that this is all very head scratching to me.
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    Oct 12, 2008
    We always had a team of good individuals, but never had somebody to turn us into a good team, and now we got the right coach.
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    Well, I wrote an article on this a while ago... but it's the appointment of Radomir Antic, and his mixture of players. He has always been successful with large clubs finding the right balance and it is just starting to show for the national team.

    The biggest surprise of the NT has been Nenad Milijas, and Ivan Obradovic. Also some of our players have been hitting form for their club teams, especially Dejan Stankovic and Nemanja Vidic. Also Aleksandar Lukovic! Great player.


    I also forgot to mention Milan Jovanovic on the left wing. His wing play has been tremendous, and one of the driving reasons behind our success. I firmly believe that is down to the coach for our success. He has given our team what has been lacking in the past.. confidence.

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