All Champions League Finals (1956-2019)

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    My bad, i forgot to add €27.5 m of TV money for every Serie A club.
    The more accurate numbers for Serie A clubs are:

    1) €50.9 m
    2) €46.9 m
    3) €44.3 m
    4) €41.7 m
    5) €40 m
    6) €38.4 m
    7) €36.8 m
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    Good theme, it's intresting! Thnx for coming!
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    Best Athletes =/= Best Footballers

    Why the best athletes cant become the best footballers? If we judge footballers based on their raw athleticism (100m sprint record, vertical jump record, bench press record), Mbappe & Haaland would beat Messi in raw athleticism (physical performance) but Messi is superior to them in technical abilites (dribbling, making long passes, etc... ) & cognitive skills (sprinting and processing whats going on and visualising whats gonna happen next). Messi shows how a mastery in 2 aspects of football (tec-tac) can compensate the one aspect of football that he is not great at.

    Messi's no-look pass

    However this doesnt mean that the sport has no fitness requirement. You still need to be able to run for 90 min.

    International Football works best in Europe

    Football competitions work in Europe because there are so many teams in Europe with different levels of play. Some elite (Europe's big 5), some cannon fodders (San Marino, Faroe Islands) and many mid tier.

    People consider football competitions like UCL & Euro to be prestigious. Why? Because its actually hard to get qualified for the main tourneys of these competitions (due to many mid tier teams battling against each other for a small number of group stage spots) and even harder to win these competitions (due to the number of elite teams appearing in the knock out stage). On the other hand, these competitions do not lack the romanticism where a minnow can get qualified ahead of a mid tier team or a mid tier team can make a deep run.

    Football competitions dont work in North America because there are too few top teams & many low level teams but not many mid tier teams. The results from NA competitions are simply too predictable.
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    Modern athletes are better than past athletes not just due to better fitness & diet but mainly due to stronger work ethic / drive / commitment.

    Average distance per game from a player in each major sport:


    Handball is added into the table (

    Why women team sports are not as popular as women individual sports? Just look at the distance covered in a football game by a man and a woman. At an individual level, the gap between man and woman isnt too big but at a team level, it would mean the woman team covers 11km less than the men team. Simply put, one woman contending against one man would lead to a beatdown of the woman but a women team competing against a men team would result in a bloody massacre of the women team. Even though women can shine in individual sports that highlight skills & tactical acumen over physical performances, women can not hope to outperform men in a team sport that requires high level of work-rate. Now you can understand why it is so hard to market women team sports.

    NBA basketball & NFL football will never have truly professional female athletes because the highlights of these sports are the physical performances of their athletes (dunking on someone & plowing through a group of people)
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    Even in the most lucrative leagues (NBA basketball & NFL football), they will never have truly professional female athletes because the highlights of these sports are the physical performances of their athletes (dunking on someone & plowing through a group of people)
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    To be good at soccer, you must have not only technical abilites but also the cognitive skills (sprinting, processing whats going on and visualising whats gonna happen next. Not just running faster than your opponent but also thinking quicker than them).

    Global Revenue Rankings

    American Football
    Ice Hockey
    Auto Racing

    I do not have the numbers for Boxing & Golf but even if a popular individual sport like tennis generates less revenue than these 2 individual sports, i do not think the revenue gap between tennis and boxing/golf would be more than 1 billion euros.

    Global Popularity Rankings

    Football (worldwide)
    Basketball (North America, Europe, China)
    Tennis (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific)
    Boxing & MMA (my guess is worldwide since people like watching WWE)
    Golf (worldwide but not a sport for the masses)
    Auto Racing (worldwide but only a spectator sport)
    Cricket (former Commonwealth nations)
    Ice Hockey (North America, Europe)
    Baseball (North America, Japan & Korea)
    American Football (North America)

    Volleyball & table tennis are listed to be among the top 10 most popular sports on many websites. And if you consider billiards as sports then they could also be considered to be in the top 10 since billiards are accessible in many parts of the world.

    However snooker players and athletes from volleyball & table tennis do not have star power. Its why i do not put these sports in my top 10 rankings of anything.

    In contrast to volleyball, table tennis & billiards, Motorcycle racing has a top star that can become a high earner despite the sport not being popular among the masses.

    Finally i would like to give honorable mentions to the 2 sports with regional popularity like Handball in Europe & Badminton in Asia. These 2 sports deserve to always be included in the discussions of popular sports.
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    Popularity contest between the best footballers vs the best tennis players from various nations

    Asia-Pacific (open)

    Japan - Kamada / Tomiyasu vs Nishioka = Kamada / Tomiyasu win
    South Korea - Son vs Soonwoo Kwon = Son wins
    Australia - Aaron Mooy vs Kyrgios = Kyrgios wins
    North America (open)

    US - Pulisic vs Taylor Fritz = Fritz wins
    Canada - Alphonso Davies vs Felix Auger-Aliassime = Alphonso Davies wins
    Costa Rica - Keylor Navas vs Jesse Flores = Navas stomps
    South America (open)

    Argentina - Messi vs Cerundolo / Schwartzman = Messi stomps
    Brazil - Neymar vs Monteiro = Neymar stomps
    Colombia - Luiz Diaz vs Galan = Luiz Diaz wins
    Uruguay - Valverde / Suarez vs Pablo Cuevas = Valverde / Suarez win
    Chile - Alexis Sanchez / Vidal vs Nicolas Jarry = Alexis Sanchez / Vidal win
    Africa (open)

    Egypt - Salah vs Amr Elsayed = Salah stomps
    Senegal - Sadio Mané vs Seydina Andre = Mané stomps
    Algeria - Mahrez vs Rayane Roumane = Mahrez stomps
    Gabon - Aubameyang vs no one in ATP rankings = Aubameyang stomps
    Cameroon - Matip vs no one in ATP rankings = Matip stomps
    Morroco - Hakimi / Ziyech vs Benchetrit = Hakimi / Ziyech win
    Ghana - Thomas Partey vs no one in ATP rankings = Partey stomps
    Nigeria - Osimhen vs Christopher Bulus = Osimhen stomps
    Ivory Coast - Sebastien Haller vs Coulibaly = Haller wins
    Europe (open)

    England - Kane vs Daniel Evans = Kane wins
    Spain - Thiago vs Nadal = Nadal wins
    Germany - Thomas Müller vs Zverev = tie
    Italy - Chiesa vs Sinner = Chiesa wins
    France - Mbappe vs Gasquet = Mbappe wins
    Portugal - Ronaldo vs Nuno Borges = Ronaldo stomps
    Russia - Golovin / Akinfeev vs Medvedev = Medvedev wins
    Ukraine - Zinchenko vs Krutykh = Zinchenko wins
    Nẹtherlands - Van Dijk vs Botic van de Zandschulp = Van Dijk wins
    Belgium - De Bruyne vs Goffin = De Bruyne wins
    Turkey - Çalhanoğlu vs Altug Celikbilek = Çalhanoğlu wins
    Greece - Tsimikas vs Tsitsipas = Tsitsipas wins
    Switzerland - Xhaka / Shaqiri vs Wawrinka = Wawrinka wins
    Austria - Alaba vs Thiem = tie
    Scotland - Andy Robertson vs Murray = Murray wins
    Czechia - Schick vs Lehecka = Schick wins
    Denmark - Christian Eriksen vs Rune = Eriksen wins
    Croatia - Luka Modric vs Cilic = Modric wins
    Sweden - Kulusevski / Lindelöf vs Ymer = Kulusevski / Lindelöf win
    Serbia - Vlahovic vs Djokovic = Djokovic wins
    Poland - Lewandowski vs Hurkacz = Lewandowski wins
    Norway - Haaland vs Ruud = Haaland wins
    Romania - Răzvan Marin vs Ionel = tie
    Bulgaria - Ilia Gruev vs Dimitrov = Dimitrov wins
    Slovakia - Skriniar vs Molcan = Skriniar wins
    Slovenia - Oblak vs Bedene = Oblak wins
    Hungary - Willi Orban vs Fucsovics = tie
    Wales - Bale vs Evan Hoyt = Bale wins
    Bosnia & Herzegovina - Dzeko vs Dzumhur = Dzeko wins
    Armenia - Mkhitaryan vs no one in ATP rankings = Mkhitaryan wins
    Georgia - Kvaratskhelia vs Basilashvili = tie
    Kosovo - Rrahmani vs no one in ATP rankings = Rrahmani wins
    Footballers have it easier than tennis players / individual sport athletes. Playing for a big club with an already established global fanbase/followings & appearing on TV on a weekly basis are a pathway to fame. Additionally if you are good enough to be one of the 11 starters for your national team, you will earn many social media followings from your countrymen.

    On the other hand, tennis players / individual sport athletes have to build up their own fanbases. The only pathway to fame for tennis players is to win slam, if not then win Olympic gold medal or ATP finals. Only USA, Australia and probably Canada are where the home grown tennis players are more popular than the home grown soccer players.
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    lol women vs one legged men / 60s years old men

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    Since the football landscape has changed alot over the years, i find that my rankings of clubs, where only their UCL & European Cup records are taken into account, to be flawed. Therefore i include another section called "Notable Newcomers".

    The Competitiveness Rankings of Historic European Football Clubs


    (these clubs have the highest number of cup wins)

    1) Real Madrid (14 wins, 17 finals, 31 semi-finals)
    2) AC Milan (7 wins, 11 finals, 13 semi-finals)
    3) Bayern Munich (6 wins, 11 finals, 20 semi-finals)
    4) Liverpool (6 wins, 10 finals, 12 semi-finals)
    5) Barcelona (5 wins, 8 finals, 17 semi-finals)
    6) Ajax (4 wins, 6 finals, 9 semi-finals)

    (these clubs have about the same number of finals with the winners but fewer cup wins)

    7) Juventus (2 wins, 9 finals, 12 semi-finals)
    8) Benfica (2 wins, 7 finals, 8 semi-finals)

    (these clubs have about the same number of semi-finals with the runners-up but fewer finals)

    9) Man Utd (3 wins, 5 finals, 12 semi-finals)
    10) Inter Milan (3 wins, 5 finals, 8 semi-finals)

    Financial Powerhouses
    (these clubs become CL contenders much later in their history (since the 2000s)

    11) Chelsea (2 wins, 3 finals, 8 semi-finals)
    12) PSG (0 win, 1 final, 3 semi-finals)
    13) Man City (0 win, 1 final, 3 semi-finals)

    Knock Out Stage Competitors
    (these clubs are good enough to get out of group stage and ocasionally make deep runs)

    14) Atletico Madrid (0 win, 3 finals, 6 semi-finals, 11 quarter-finals)

    Best of Group Stage Participants
    (these clubs might struggle to get out of group stage and advance not further than quarter-finals)

    15) Porto (3 semi-finals, 10 quarter-finals)
    16) Borussia Dortmund (4 semi-finals, 9 quarter-finals)

    Best of Non Participants
    (before finishing outside of top 4 in the last 6 years, Arsenal had been a consistent R16 team)

    17) Arsenal (2 semi-finals, 7 quarter-finals)

    Notable Newcomers
    (these clubs have been competing for a UCL qualification spot or even challenging for a domestic league title since 2015 or 2016 but have not had great history in UCL)

    18) Tottenham Hotspur (2 semi-finals, 3 quarter-finals)
    19) RB Leipzig (1 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    20) Napoli (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)

    (this line is to seperate the clubs with both the ambition & the capacity to compete in UCL from all other clubs)

    Dropped to Europa League Level
    (these clubs have qualified for Europa League or finished bottom of their CL groups for a decade. However these clubs' quarter-finals records are similar to Arsenal's due to their long history of participation)

    21) Crvena Zvezda (3 semi-finals, 8 quarter-finals)
    22) Dynamo Kyiv (3 semi-finals, 8 quarter-finals)
    23) Celtic (4 semi-finals, 7 quarter-finals)
    24) PSV Eindhoven (3 semi-finals, 7 quarter-finals)
    25) Anderlecht (2 semi-finals, 7 quarter-finals)

    Benchmark in All Time Rankings
    (5 quarter-finals are the minimum to reach top 26 of UEFA all time rankings, clubs with less than 5 quarter-finals dont surpass Dinamo Zagreb's total points in UEFA all time rankings)

    26) AS Monaco (4 semi-finals, 6 quarter-finals)
    27) CSKA Sofia (2 semi-finals, 6 quarter-finals)
    28) Lyon (2 semi-finals, 5 quarter-finals)
    29) Galatasaray (1 semi-final, 5 quarter-finals)
    30) Rangers (1 semi-final, 5 quarter-finals)

    One Hit Wonders
    (these clubs won one or two cups in a specific era but can never retain a high level of competitiveness throughout their history)

    31) Marseille (3 semi-finals, 4 quarter-finals)
    32) Hamburger SV (3 semi-finals, 3 quarter-finals)
    33) Steaua București (3 semi-finals, 3 quarter-finals)
    34) Feyenoord (2 semi-finals, 3 quarter-finals)
    35) Nottingham Forest (2 semi-finals, 2 quarter-finals)
    36) Aston Villa (1 semi-final, 2 quarter-finals)

    Unable To Get Over The Line
    (these clubs have less than 5 CL quarter-finals and missed their only opportunities to win a final of CL)
    CL RU (2)
    37) Valencia (2 semi-finals, 4 quarter-finals)
    38) Reims (2 semi-finals, 3 quarter-finals)
    CL RU (1)
    39) Panathinaikos (3 semi-finals, 4 quarter-finals)
    40) Roma (2 semi-finals, 4 quarter-finals)
    41) Leeds United (3 semi-finals, 3 quarter-finals)
    42) Borussia Mönchengladbach (2 semi-finals, 3 quarter-finals)
    43) Saint-Étienne (2 semi-final, 3 quarter-finals)
    44) Partizan (1 semi-final, 3 quarter-finals)
    45) Bayer Leverkusen (1 semi-final, 2 quarter-finals)
    46) Club Brugge (1 semi-final, 2 quarter-finals)
    47) Fiorentina (1 semi-final, 2 quarter-finals)
    48) Malmö FF (1 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    49) Eintracht Frankfurt (1 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    50) Sampdoria (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)

    Only Sucessful in Lower Tiers
    (these clubs have less than 5 CL quarter-finals but won Europa League and/or Cup Winners Cup)
    6 EL
    51) Sevilla (0 semi-final, 2 quarter-finals)
    2 EL
    + 1 CWC
    52) Parma (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    2 EL
    53) IFK Göteborg (2 semi-finals, 4 quarter-finals)
    1 CWC
    + 1 RU
    at EL or CWC
    54) Sporting CP (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    55) Werder Bremen (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    56) Lazio (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    57) West Ham United (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    1 EL or
    1 CWC
    58) Villareal (2 semi-finals, 3 quarter-finals)
    59) Schalke 04 (1 semi-final, 3 quarter-finals)
    60) Shakhtar Donetsk (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    61) CSKA Moscow (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    62) Everton (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    63) Mechelen (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    64) Zenit Saint Petersburg (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    65) Slovan Bratislava (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    66) Dinamo Tbilisi (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    67) Aberdeen (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    68) Ipswich Town (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    69)1. FC Magdeburg (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    70) Zaragoza (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)

    Came Close to Glory in Lower Tiers
    (these clubs have less than 5 CL quarter-finals and came close to winning a cup in European 2nd or 3rd tier competition)

    EL RU (2) or
    CWC RU (2)
    71) Rapid Wien (1 semi-final, 4 quarter-finals)
    72) Athletic Bilbao (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    73) Espanyol (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    EL RU (1) or
    CWC RU (1)
    74) Standard Liège (1 semi-final, 4 quarter-finals)
    75) Bordeaux (1 semi-final, 3 quarter-finals)
    76) Austria Wien (1 semi-final, 2 quarter-finals)
    77) 1. FC Köln (1 semi-final, 2 quarter-finals)
    78) Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (0 semi-final, 2 quarter-finals)
    79) Dundee United (1 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    80) Ferencváros (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    81) Górnik Zabrze (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    82) MTK Budapest (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    83) Carl Zeiss Jena (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    84) Wolverhampton Wanderers (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
    85) Red Bull Salzburg (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    86) VfB Stuttgart (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    87) Braga (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    88) Fehérvár (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    89) AZ (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    90) Twente (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    91) Mallorca (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    92) 1860 Munich (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    93) Torino (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    94) Dynamo Moscow (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    95) Antwerp (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    96) Fulham (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    97) Middlesbrough (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    98) Alavés (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    99) Bastia (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    100) Fortuna Düsseldorf (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    101) Lokomotive Leipzig (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)

    Other Achievements in Europe
    (these clubs have good achievements only in Fairs Cup, which is recognised as the predecessor to the UEFA Cup / Europa League and selected the highest ranked clubs from European cities that hold trade fairs)

    FC (1)
    + FC RU (1)
    102) Dinamo Zagreb (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    FC (1)
    103) Newcastle United (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    FC RU (2)
    104) Birmingham City (0 semi-final, 0 quarter-final)
    FC RU (1)
    105) Újpest (1 semi-final, 3 quarter-finals)

    Forever Minnows

    (these clubs made only one or zero CL quarter-final and never made to a final of an European competition in their history but are in the top 26 of UEFA all time rankings due to the clubs' long history of participation)

    106) Olympiacos (0 semi-final, 1 quarter-final)
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    Why did you not include Porto or Borussia Dortmund's titles? Also, how can any club with 0 titles be ranked ahead of Porto which has 2?
  12. Add to that Feyenoord 1 title vs Celtic and 1 semi final vs Benfica, PSV 1 title, Marseille 1 title,
    FC Steaua București with 1 title.
    and that former yugoslavia club with 1 title.
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    Many of the names that you have mentioned (Feyenoord, PSV, Marseille, FC Steaua București, Red Star Belgrade) are no longer title contenders. In fact, they do not consistently qualify for UCL group stage anymore. The only one that does consistently qualify for UCL GS in modern times (Celtic) can not make it to the KO stage.

    Why is Porto ranked lower than clubs with no UCL? Well, Porto has not made to the UCL final for almost 2 decades while PSG & Man City did in modern times. The only reason for a Portugese club like Benfica to be placed so high in my rankings is due to their numbers of finals & semi-finals. Otherwise i would have placed Benfica in the same section as Porto.

    You might have a good point about Dortmund's ranking. But the problem with Dortmund is that they keep selling or losing their best players to richer clubs (Bayern Munich, Man City, Chelsea, etc...). This continuous losing of your best players do not happen in Man City & PSG.

    My rankings are not perfect but they take not only past records but also recent performances into account.
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    Porto has won the Champions League this century, which is no light feat, and have made it consistently to at least quarter finals. Atletico had a good period last decade but it seems to have been a high point that they show no signs of replicating any time soon. But I understand your reasoning.

    Also, I believe that, with the exception of Nottingham Forest, you'll find that any club that has won at least 2 titles has been a competitive mainstay in the competition over the course of it's history. The gulf between those who have won 2 or more versus those who only won 1 is very clear.

    Cool list, though. Can't complain with Benfica's position :thumbsup:
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    The English FA has created their own rankings of leagues. Their rankings are quite similar to my rankings of leagues.

    Short version of the rankings from English FA

    Band 1 English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1
    Band 2 Portuguese Primeira Liga, Dutch Eredivisie, Belgian First Division A, Turkish Super Lig
    Band 3 Russian Premier League, Scottish Premiership
    Band 4 Ukrainian Premier League, Greek Superleague, Swiss Super League, Austrian Football Bundesliga, Czech First League, Danish Superliga, Croatian First Football League,
    Band 5 Swedish Allsvenken, Serbian SuperLiga, Polish Ekstraklasa, Norwegian Elitserien, Slovenian PrvaLiga

    My rankings

    1) England
    2) Spain
    3) Germany
    4) Italy
    5) France
    ==================== ↑ UCL contenders
    6) Portugal
    7) Russia
    8) Ukraine
    9) Netherlands
    10) Belgium
    ==================== ↑ UCL regulars
    11) Turkey
    12) Greece
    13) Switzerland
    14) Austria
    15) Scotland
    16) Czech Republic
    ==================== ↑ UCL non-regular participants
    17) Denmark
    18) Croatia
    19) Sweden
    20) Serbia
    21) Poland
    ==================== ↑ Top Representatives For A Region
    22) Norway

    By comparing these rankings, we can recognize the biases from the English FA against the Russian & Ukrainian leagues and minor favouritism towards the Scottish league.

    However the bias against the Russian league is understandable since the relations between the UK & Russia have not been good since the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in March 2018 by Russia's agents and have been made worse by the Ukraine war. Even though the Russian league is still above many other small European leagues, the English FA does not want to give the players from Russian league the same status as the players from the Dutch, Belgian, Portuguese & Turkish league.

    The minor favouritism towards Scottish league is also understandable since the Scottish are close neighbours to the English. But this favoritism does not make English FA become brazen enough to put the Scottish league in the same bracket as leagues that have UCL regulars. In short, The English FA would favour Scottish league players over the players from the good small leagues (Austria, Switzerland, etc...) but not over the players from the strongest small leagues (Portugal, Holland, etc...). This is why i use the term "minor favouritism".

    The bias against Ukrainian league players is not understandable. I know Ukrainian clubs are not the most clean nor the most well run but the on-pitch perfomances from the top Ukrainian clubs show that they are the exceptions to the rule of money & long term financial growth. The off-pitch financial performances of footballl clubs are not the only things that determine their on-pitch performances. Look at how Ukraine beat Scotland in WC qualifiers.

    Also i would have placed the Danish league & the Croatian league in band 5 but if the English FA sees these two leagues as the best league within their own region (Scandanavia or Balkan) and thus deserve to be put in band 4, i have no objection to that reasoning.

    The inclusion of Norway in band 5 makes sense if its about including the whole of Scandavania in just one or two football groups instead of coming up with specific football criterias and judging every single Scandanavian league based on how they have fulfilled (or have not fulfilled) those criterias.

    What about the Western Balkan / former Yugoslavia region? To the English FA, Croatia & Serbia are not representative of the Western Balkan region enough and since Slovenia is ranked much higher than all other Western Balkan nations that are not named Croatia or Serbia, Slovenia deserves to be in the band 5. I find this way of ranking football leagues to be somewhat lazy and exists for the sake of including more nations in just one or two simple groups.

    Overall, the English's FA rankings of leagues are not strictly based on football and not as objective & specific as my rankings of leagues.
  16. How about this:

    It's a possibility the Netherlands overtake France in the UEFA ranking.
    This year/season the position is:
    De posities rondom Nederland op de huidige coëfficiëntenranking
    5. Frankrijk 60.664 (12.083) (1/6)
    6. NEDERLAND 57.900 (11.500) (2/5)
    7. Portugal 55.382 (11.666) (3/6)

    Next year it is like this, which means we have France in our sights:
    De posities rondom Nederland op de coëfficiëntenranking vanaf volgend seizoen
    5. Frankrijk 50.081
    6. NEDERLAND 49.300
    7. Portugal 44.482
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    2 lol vids

    Even though Messi & Ronaldo are most popular sportmen in the world, they are not the most legendary figures of their former clubs in the same way that Maradonna was for Napoli & Sir Alex Ferguson was for Man Utd. These figures are fondly remembered (and in Maradonna's case worshipped) for having brought mid table clubs to new height of achievements.

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