All 3-2 Wins for the Revs

Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by shuvy87, Oct 21, 2003.

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    Did you guys realized that all the 3-2 win that we had were very dramatic?

    First 3-2 Win (@Columbus, May 25)
    Brain Kamler scored the first goal in 36th min, but Columbas came back 4 min later. Then Kamler scored again in 70th min, and again Columbus came back in 76th min. TnT nets in last one minute in regulation to win the game.

    Second 3-2 Win (vs Colorado, June 28)
    Harris had a beatiful bicycle goal that was disallawed. But a few min later Harris scores his 50th crear goal. Then Colorado scored two, and 2-1 Colorado. TnT who came as the second half sub after recovring from Virus/US National Duty, scored in last 80th min to tie up, then Wes Harts own goaled in 86th make Revs victorious.

    Third 3-2 Win (vs Columbus, September 28)
    Revs were in last place in the east, one point behind the crew, and it was "classic 6-pointer" as Brad Feldman quoted. Revs were down two goals, 15 min to go. JJM scored from a direct freekick in 78th, and Shalri Joseph equilized in 81th off the JJM's corner. Then in the second extra times, the captain Franchinothe buried the game winner with another freekick. Probably the best game I ever watched.
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    first off, they were great games, but what 1 goal games aren't?

    second, before you post, cut and paste all of your post into Word and spell check it.
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    Re: Re: All 3-2 Wins for the Revs

    You should talk. ;)

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    Sep 9, 2002
    Nick Hornby in Fever Pitch said that 3-2 games are the best games.

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