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Discussion in 'Real Madrid' started by SS2006, Dec 3, 2004.

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    لفت انتباه الجميع داخل غرفة ملابس النادي الأهلي بعد انتهاء مباراة الظفرة ان الممثل التسويقي لنادي ريال مدريد الاسباني في منطقة الشرق الأوسط كامبي رشيدي حرص على الحديث المطول مع اللاعب علي كريمي وأبدى إعجابه به وبمستواه.

    وأكد رشيدي أن كريمي يستطيع الاحتراف في أي ناد أوروبي وطلب شريطا مسجلا للقاء الأهلي والظفرة.

    ودليلاً على ما يحظى به كريمي من شهرة واسعة طلب كامبي “الفانلة” الخاصة بكريمي التي خاض بها اللقاء ليحتفظ بها كذكرى.

    * الخليج الرياضي

    hi guys, sorry thats in arabic, but it says Camby Rasheed (Madrid sales executive) do you know him? anyways, he talked with 2004 Asian Cup top scorer Ali Karimi, and took a video of the game he just played with his club (where he tormented the defence, tahts why his nikname is 'the wizard')
    and even took his shirt as a souvenir. was madrid scouting in asia? cause i know karimi is the best and most paid player in asia anyways, has 35 goals for iran, and scores like 35 a year with his club, too good for asia, and was on trial twice in spain, but his club deined transfer, ive been hearing alot of him lately
    heres a video that you should find helpful:
    (that movie shows 10% of his reeal skills only) i dont know if he could help much for ateam like realmadrid, but i got the news so i just posted it and see waht you say, i know were getting some slow wingers now, maybe hed be good on bench, but he can rip thr4ough the flank, especially against roma and germany (which th emovie onlys hows a quarter of what he did against them)
    you need DIVX to view it:

    Karimi Hilites: of Ali Karimi.wmv
    (23 MB)

    Vs. Germany hilites: skills vs
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    Yes, I for one, & I am sure there are others, have heard about "the Maradona of Asia". Not to put too fine a point on it, but RM scouts players all over the globe. Sooner or later every strong player gets linked to RM. Typically the next rumor you will hear is that Chelsea is now entering a higher bid for him. True or false, who knows? But we have a long thread "Who will be the next Galactico" where everyone discusses who the next signing will be.

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