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    He would have a role if he were a DCM with Wes as a 2-way middie and someone else as either an ACM or CP as an ACM and someone else as a creative/attacking wide midfielder.

    Morales/Wes/Trapp does not have enough combined technical skill/attacking creativity. Both Wes and Morales right now have ACMs in front of them - playing league. If you are not a top domestic quality "ACM," it's unlikely you are a top international quality "ACM."

    Wes is learning to be a 2way holding middie at Schalke at the moment. He will grow into that role, but he can't do that and be a regular attacking fulcrum for the US. He's not that good yet (if ever). Sometimes the old tried and boring true - like say a diamond, Xmas tree or even 4-3-1-2 if you want to be defensive... but the idea this side can play without a strong central creative midfield presence against top teams is madness.
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    I would give him an A for effort in a losing cause. He worked his tail off.
    You can't question is devotion to the shirt.
    Too bad we couldn't played him in a position of strength. I don't thinks he looked any better or worst than Mckennie.
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    Again, though, Morales does not bring what we need.

    We need a creative transition/attacking partner for CP. As long as everyone knows the attack will almost always go through CP or over the midfield, defending the US is a simple issue.

    Until there is a second creative/attacking threat in midfield, Morales v. Trapp. v. McKennie v. Bradley is deck chairs on the Titanic v. top teams.
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    Alfredo's injury is:
    Radiology report say Grade 2 muscle strain of adductor longus muscle. It means the strain is moderate, not minor or severe but in between. I think the return to training will be 2-4 weeks, BUT with each day of progress the exact timelines will be clearer

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    Every time he's gone out injured he's had to earn his starting spot again.
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    there aren't options thats why they need a better plan you can't force guys who can't do it to do it.

    the plan from here is simple

    they either need to change the tactics and be all in on defense first and forget the trying to play pretty stuff or they scrap all the older guys and literally go with the u23 team outside like two guys and just say hey we are going to take our lumps and they really only need to win a few matches in the hex against really poor teams to get to the world cup and that doens't start for a year so they just hope they can make it in and risk it.
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    Much better than Trapp or Bradley.

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