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Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by TheFalseNine, Jul 13, 2018.

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    His career is by means over but the Eerste Divisie is USL-level and he wasn't good. For someone who has had a lot of fanfare (in US circles), I'd say that's a disappointing year.

    It's also the fact that he's at a club where he's got no shot to be on the First Team. He's going to be at least 20 before he sits on a first team bench at any club.

    He challenged himself which I give him credit for: but the problem is at some point you have to play first team minutes in a real league. That's the goal and as of now, there really isn't an obvious path for him.
  2. Well, Mitchel Bakker while being Young Ajax team mate of Dest, was snapped up by PSG while often riding the bench and now has as a player won two cups with PSG and the staff was so pleased with how he performs he now is part of the CL selection too.
    That fast things can go.
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    you are saying that fanfare in u.s. circles is why ajax bought him? that reflects rather poorly on them if true.
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    Based off...? Busio isn't a regular starter for Sporting KC and getting attention from giant clubs all around the world.

    Transfermarkt/SPI values aren't perfect but they provide at least some context for comparing leagues. Sure Jong Ajax has produced more talent than USL. Ajax has produced more talent than 99.9% of clubs in the world.

    Hilites from a match with Jong AZ, Mendez has a few moments in dangerous areas, appears he at least started the 2nd half:

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    He played in this match as well:

    Not much you can take out of those two match hilites other than lots of chances near the top of the box and nothing on target.
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    He will be a first team starter for a top Champions League Team. Incredibly intelligent and creative.
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    As of now he either lost all his confidence or lacks soccer IQ. He behaves like a kid amongst adults.
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    Gary is that you?
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    Actually the same guy in KDLF thread says how much worse Konrad is than Uly. So you might be right.
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    back on topic mendez is at ajax safely away from the tactical cavemen in a league where ajax is good
  13. Dest wasnot lighting up Young Ajax and our second tier and he still made a pretty good jump by taking the opportunity offered. So given that knowledge I donot get some are already giving up on Mendez while he's in the process of acclimatizing and learning.
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    Dest was getting jong minutes at 17 and anyone could see his dynamic potential. Alex is Turning 20 in a month and isn’t even a guaranteed starter. This doesn’t seem like a good comparison.
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  15. Uhm, did Mendez join Ajax at 16 or at 19?
    According to this data sheet he plays alot:

    These are his competitors who need to make minutes too:

    Just a reminder, Young Ajax isnot playing in our second tier to compete with the other clubs, they're in it to let the Young players get pro resistance experience.

    What part of the story about him being on the brink of being cut out of Ajax if ten Hag hadnot told the staff he wanted Dest to stay did you miss?
    Ajax owes ten Hag a big lump of any transfersum they make on Dest, as without interference of ten Hag they would have missed out on that bag of money.
    It's incredible the fantasies being made up.
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  16. Before the usual gang comes in with the usual mantra of me being a Dest hater telling lies, here's a link with the same story by the Ajax linked Amsterdam newspaper:

    Sergiño Dest in Ajax-jeugdopleiding bijna weggestuurd ... › sport › sergino-dest-in-ajax-jeugdop...

    10 feb. 2020 - Komt het tot de toptransfer van Sergiño Dest (19) naar Bayern München, dan zijn het voor Ajax 'gevonden' miljoenen. De verdediger stond op ...

    Use google translate. You can go back to posts I wrote over a year ago about it, but're a SDest hater ...not true...

    Enjoy Fox News folks.
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    If Mendez doesn't pan out, maybe the silver lining for us is this thread could replace the fun of Akale's on YA, w/ the gulf between reality & lingering hype from a few.
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    You taking potshots with the FoxNews reference? I’ve never thought you were a hater, incredibly biased, yes, willing to die on any hill involving, mentioning, relating to or concerning Dutch football, yes, but not a “hater”.
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    May 31, 2016

    here goes the same three Dutch fans who hate Dest.

    he’d be your starting rb for a decade. Your ridiculousness is unseemly
  20. Could be so ...or not. I dunno. What your lot's problem is I made comments about Dest and his current stattus in the Orange line up (current at the time his switch was pondered by him). That started the attacks on me as number of delusional lot were bent on wanting a superstar had dumped the Mighty Orange for the USMNT. He simply wasnot and as is the case isnot now either. The delusional lot were making up phantasies about Dest being guaranteed a starting spot if he chose the Orange Team. This only highlighted that those with that ridiculous claim have no idea how things work in a real top team. There's a poster who believes my posts are the result of being sour about Dest's choice, so belittleing him.
    I'm not sour and I'm not belittling him. I report his at the moment status.
    Many fans are pissed when a player who has gotten his whole development from and benefitted by being Dutch chooses another country to play for.
    I never am, as my opinion is that everyone has the right to choose what feels best, and most of the times that "loss" is forgotten when the next star rises and fills that spot.
    For the RB spot there really was only one player ready for the Mighty Orange team, a guy with dual Dutch/German nationality. Gosens. That was the one Koeman should have capped already two years ago, but just like with Dest Koeman doesnot select players he thinks arenot ready yet. On Gosens I was very much in disagreement. He even didnot select him when Gosens proved himself after leaving Heracles for Atalanta, while Löw was still sticking to his trusted selection. I hoped Koeman would have grabbed the opportunity left open by Löw's slowness to bring in fresh blood, but no. So now Gosens is killing it in the CL and Serie A and has had an corona interupted invitation for Die Mannschaft.

    Would Dest end up in the Orange team? Who knows, maybe he would. The claim made he would be our next ten years back is stupid as he wasnot deemed good enough (yet) to be selected, so a statement based on quicksand.

    As I said my stance on losing players to other nations is what...New kids arrive.
    The one future candidate for the RB spot and if Dest had chosen for the Orange team he had to compete with is Melayro Bogarde. That was one of the competotors Dest was confronted with by Koeman in his talk about the Orange team. Delusional fans claim Dest was offered a spot, while in reality he was given a list of competitors for that RB spot. How delusional can one be to think Dest headed into the talk about his possible Orange future, being offered a spot and then switches. Right....the logic of people like Trvmp.

    We had in recent history switches to other nations of high profile players, fans were moaning about because of the loss of top quality players. Ziyech was a superb player to lose, but about a year later nobody is talking about it anymore as we now have superclass midfield options it would give me a headache who to leave out.
    That's the difference between a top nation and the USMNT. You big up someone not (yet) there, while we just wait for the next one who's ready.
    One line in the Orange Team that doesnot give much concern is the defense as we produce top players for that line in abundance. I wished the production of attackers was as big.
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  21. He comes into an environment where tactical qualities reign and also an environment being of the highest order in that field. It takes time to be educated to reach that same tactical awareness, given the premis you can.
    So moaning about him not being a lock in player is quite funny.
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  22. If the shrinks in the states have your diagnostic qualities it explains why a bunch of idiots are running/ruining your country.
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    this one streaming anywhere?

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