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    Oct 8, 2004
    Will playing for the Mass Twisters team in the AISL league make me ineligible for NCAA participation. I haven't been able to figure out much about the AISL even at their website other than they are an indoor league any other info would be appreciated.(Are players pro and get payed where games are played and anything else you can think of)
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    How do you lose NCAA participation by playing in an Amateur league?
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    The best way to find out is talk to you NCAA compliance person for your atheltic department. If you talk to someone from your AD's office they should be able to tell you. The main point is if the league or team's sell themselves as a profesional league. Even if your not getting paid it would be in violation. The other thing that could be a violation is are you playing during the school year. Your not allowed to compete for an outside club during the school year.

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