Aguila-Fas, El Clasico live at Goltv today.

Discussion in 'Central America: Clubs' started by FenoFutbol, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. FenoFutbol

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    Dec 12, 2005
    Aguilucho Villa
    Both of them are doing horrible this year. Even though they are at the botton of the table, El Barraza is going to be packed like always.

    Aguilas Panamenian "armada" has their prueba de fuego today, if they lose we will be having a new Coach a new extranjeros soon.

    The game will be live 7pm pacific time at goltv.

    Hoping to destroy los Fasistas today, un clasico es un clasico y siempre es buena razon para reuniser con la cherada, sacar unas pupusitas, vestir la bella casaca Naranja, sacar la bandera azul y blanco y socar, brincar, gritar y llorar durante el clasico cuzcatleco.

    6 millones menos unos cuantos. El equipo mas popular y carnavalero de El Salvador.

  2. FenoFutbol

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    Dec 12, 2005
    Aguilucho Villa
    ok so apparently nobody watched the clasico. i mean salvadoran of course, im not talkin about people from other countries, or futbol suck right now and we dont need to hear it all the time.

    aguila sucks right now, i was so disapointed with aguila. fas sucks too but i dont give a ******** what happens to those bitches anyway, i just care about my lovely team.

    golvt commentators sucks. that makes the game even more unwatchable, i turned the tv in english so i know that they say about my team.

    i dont know why they put those idiots to broadcast our games. they dont shit about the game, they dont shit about salvadoran futbol, they dont have any respect for our people, not passion for the game, nothing nothing...

    goltv in english has a huge problem with these ********ers that call themselve broadcasters... they suck, i think espn, and espn2 in english do a better job, even though this people talks of soccer as if it is a boring as baseball game.

    at least we dont have the british bastard that wont stop sayin... beautiful, beautiful... he is annoyin as ********. i know pele said that soccer its a "beautiful" game but that shit is gay.

    one of the reason soccer do not grow in this country is bc of the ********in soccer broadcaster that know nothing of the game, all they do is talk shit, have not respect for the players and fans... and the worse, not passion for their job and for futbol.

    not only i watched a bad game for aguila, but i have listen to those ********ers talk shit.

    i wish Aguila would bring landon donovan or fredy adu to the Salvadoran league. so this ********ers would understand that soccer isnt about bein big and run fast.

    this people is so ********in dumb. the US needs to win something important so they can talk shit. beatin mexico on friendly match, at home, puttin 11 players to defend and scoring two lucky goals is not enough to talk shit.

    soccer broadcastin in the US horrible, now we dont only have ************** playin the game, we also have pussi, ignorants on the soccer channels too.

    im glad we have espn deportes, where they have Mario Kemps as an announcer. The Matador, a true world champion. Even Mario Kempes has more respect for Salvadoran soccer than this bitches from goltv.

    Yes im mad but is for a reason, soccer is my life and it hurst when you get this people giving our game such a gay image.
  3. LN - Dougg

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    Aug 26, 2004
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    El Salvador
    You sure this venting has nothing to do with the fact that this was one of the most boring/worst clasicos ever?

    Just asking hommie, don't slay me.
  4. R9Kevinr9

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    Feb 2, 2007
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    El Salvador
    What a horrible performance, from outstanding clubs.:(
  5. FenoFutbol

    FenoFutbol Red Card

    Dec 12, 2005
    Aguilucho Villa
    is not about the game. is about respect.

    this ********ers from goltv talk so much shit. and theyre nobodies. just some pusies.

    i've seen worst games from epl, la liga or il calccio and this idiots wont say anything.

    shit if there was not cristiano ronald, epl would be crap, i mean really.

    i do not like the way this idiots broadcast central american games. they ignorants, and they should get fired.

    goltv needs people like mario kempes to school this bastards on real futbol.

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