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    I strongly agree with Bruce Arena's sugestion that MLS should go with just four teams in the postseason for a few major reasons:

    1- Competiveness. Right now the MLS regular season really doesnt mean anything, unless you are fighting for that fourth place finish. Its like capitalism, if there is no incentive, why work for it? On top of it all, they reward the top two seeds with the scond half of a home in home??? Sorry, but that is not homefield advantage

    2- Playoff logistics. The postseason format is really really offbeat as of now. A two game aggragate followed by a one game confrence final in the favorites location followed by a one game final at a neutral location?!?! That doesnt make any sense at all. If there are four teams in the playoffs; therefor only two series maximun per team, they can spend the time for a three game series in the first round, and not shortchange the confrence final.

    3- Fairness. How would you feel if you worked your rear off for 30 games, winning the supporters shield, and losing it all due to a few random bounces that allows a under .500 team to advance into the semifinals? It seems unfair to me, a team should at least have to finish in the top 40% of the league to participate in the playoff lottery (as Billy Beane would call it).
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    why'd you start a new thread...why not post in the bruce arena's thoughts on MLS thread?

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