Africa's rise in women's football

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    We've seen improved play from South Africa today vs. Sweden. If not for an own goal, South Africa would have landed a draw. Zimbabwe played well for most of the match until the gave up 3 goals(one an own goal) in the final 11 minutes. The 3 African countries that played in the 2015 WWC(Nigeria, Cameroon & Ivory Coast) aren't here, though both Nigeria & Cameroon played well in at the World Cup. Add in the typically strong Ghana & Equatorial Guinea gives the CAF some nice depth. In the past it was always Nigeria, Ghana & Equatorial Guinea as the powerhouses from Africa. Now that list has grown. With the growth in women's football in Africa, hopefully increased funding will help these programs grow further. I doubt they'll see an extra qualifying berth for the 2019 WWC, but they're making progress. I hope the first step is to increase the Women's African Cup of Nations final tournament to 12 teams in 2018.
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    It's nice to see quantity of teams, but I'm not really seeing the quality. Don't get me wrong, South Africa has shown some real development in its ability to defend as a team, but they are far from being able to compete with the top teams in the world.

    To me it's more of a shame that just as an African team seems to take a step forward, it is often followed by a step backwards.
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