Addicks v. Hammers [r]

Discussion in 'Charlton Athletic' started by hartley, Dec 28, 2005.

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    Well, we should be rested considering the match with Newcastle was postponed. We will have to defend well against West Ham -- they are very good coming forward.

    Either we defend well and counter well or simply take them out by attacking. I think if we play more physical as we did against Arsenal, then we may be able to keep the Hammers back. They struggled against Blackburn last time due to the physical nature of the game. They have also lost to Bolton twice already -- once in League play and once in the Carling Cup.

    So, here's my lineup [4-4-2]:
    Young - Perry - Sorondo - HH
    Rommedahl - Ambrose - Thomas
    Bent - Euell
    Subs: Mhyre, Spector, Kishishev, Bothroyd, Hughes
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    I saw that 1000 tickets still remained for this fixture.. that surprises me as I thought it was one of the best ones of the year.
  3. hartley

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    Well, the 4-4-2 worked. And it can continue to do so if Curbs will play the right players in the right spots.

    I am surprised that Bartlett got a goal. But it was Darren Bent with the assist.

    Good to see Rommedahl back in the lineup.

    I would still rather see Ambrose in the middle to attack on Thomas out on the left.

    I didn't get to listen until the last 10 minutes. So, any comments on the play of Lisbie, Hughes, Holland, Rommedahl?

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