Addicks @ Sheffield Wednesday [r]

Discussion in 'Charlton Athletic' started by hartley, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. hartley

    hartley Member

    FA Cup match. Being a Cup match, it could be really interesting. If we are unable to make any acquisitions before this match, here is my lineup.

    Young - Sorondo - Fortune - HH
    Rommedahl - Smertin - Murphy - Thomas
    Bent - Ambrose

    Subs: Mhyre, Spector, Kishishev, Jeffers, Lisbie

    Spector on for HH. Jeffers on for Thomas as Ambrose moves back. Lisbie on for Rommedahl.

    I wish I could see this one. It would be nice to see a Cup match and to see American Frankie Simek for Wednesday.
  2. servotron

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    Mar 4, 2004
    St Paul, MN
    Well done Addicks. We won 4-2. Must have been spirited opposition but I'll take a win.. ANY win at this point :)
  3. hartley

    hartley Member

    A good win against a not-so-good side.

    We need to strengten our defense during the window.

    I note that the two goals by the Owls were from set pieces. It's time to put Andersen back in. For whatever reason, we play much better on set pieces with him in the nets. And his distribution can't be beat.
  4. RobtheAggie

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    I agree, any victory is good now. Even the might reserve team is struggling at this point. I will take any win that Charlton can manage.

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