Addicks: Bolanos blow

Discussion in 'Charlton Athletic' started by hartley, Aug 30, 2006.

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    wow.... I feel bad for Bolanos, I knew something fishy was going on there on his work permit issue since they took a long time doing it
    I wonder what is gonna happen now, since Bolanos' transaction was already finished, I heard saprissa's manager saying that nobody said anything about the work permit in the contract

    Here it is another link for this:

    /...... and i was already cheering for your team :(
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    Keep rooting for the Addicks.

    Dowie is quoted that CAFC will continue to try to work something out with the player. It may be he comes in the January window.

    I certainly hope something can be sorted out eventually. Christian was bringing something a bit different for us -- some unique creativity.
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    Charlton will not be able to sign him for at least 12 months as it takes that long to reapply after an appeal, it was pretty much genral knolwedge here in the UK that the work permit would be rejected as Bolanos had not played the required "A" international games, we had the same problem with Alex

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