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    Oct 4, 2003
    Maryland 2, NCSU 1
    UVA 1, Wake Forest 0

    According to "livestats" Wake scored an own goal.
    Who was there - fill us in please.
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    Sep 20, 2003
    College Park, MD

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    Dec 6, 2000
    Wake loses for 2nd straight year on an own goal to the same team. The own goal was early (less than 10 in) and was the result of a defender passing back past the on-rushing keeper.
    Wake had the better of possession and stats in the 1st half, but wasn't really dangerous.
    The second half became quite ugly between two teams with clearly no love-lost. Ref was weak in keeping order.
    In between the slugfest, there were a couple of scoring opportunities for Wake they didn't finish and an indirect from about 10 in front of the goal for UVA that resulted in a shot wide.
  4. FritoBandito

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    Sep 2, 2003
    game report

    The first half was well played with both teams attacking and defending well. Good hard tackles and getting after it.

    The own goal by Wake was unfortunate. It was a huge surprise, and the crowd got deathly quiet - both sides.

    The own goal changed the flow of the game with UVa playing a defensive posture and just trying to hold on to the victory. They hardly crossed mid field and looked disinteresed in the attack. In the second half, Wake tried furiously to get a goal, but nothing found net.

    Here are my thoughts on how some of the players faired.

    Justin Moose and Jeremiah White are dangerous. They play low to the ground and can take their man on the first step. I was surprised that neither struck goal because both were highly active.

    I thought Amir Lowery played well in mid field. He's big and strong but also has good skill.

    Tomy Szczypiorski didn't have much impact on the game even though he is a big target in the middle.

    It surprised me how much of a thug Wells Thompson is.

    The UVa defense played extremely well - all four of them. Hunter Freeman, John Hartman, Matt Oliver and Jeff Tuman somehow held Wake from scoring.

    Ryan Burke made at least 4 saves that were highlight reel stuff.

    I thought the UVa midfield was a bit outplayed by the Wake midfield. Kirk Dinnall had lots of energy in the first half, but slowed later in the game. Zane Hill also played a good game and matched up well with Lowery's size and strength. Sean Hinckle substituted in the second half and brought some badly needed fresh legs. I thought he played solid.

    The UVa forwards seemed dead legged perhaps from the game on Wednesday. I can't remember a single threat they made the entire game.

    There were some pretty ugly incidents in the game. A lot of clawing and climbing led to the most serious incident. A Wake player (I believe it was #21 Wiggy Saunders) dragged Oliver down from behind by climbing on his back. Oliver tried furiously to get up because Wake was attacking and when he was held down further, he rolled and found the Wake players nose with his boot. This all happened inside the 6 yard box. It looked intentional, and most people thought Oliver would be given a red card. He was given a yellow and stayed in to anchor the UVa defense.

    That led to more tussles throughout the remainder of the game. Another incident where UVa's Freeman hit Moose while coming up for a ball that both wanted caused a bit of a stir, but in my opinion Freeman did not do any thing malicious. It was a tough hard tackle. Thompson from Wake was mugging people around the midfield the whole game. Mostly unnecessary stuff that made no sense as to why he was doing it.
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    Feb 13, 2001
    While it was a flukey goal, Gelnovatch's record in the semis of the ACC Tournament is remarkable - 7-1.

    Of course, in the past six finals, things haven't gone so well for UVa, hence the nickname Big Game George.

    But, if UVa somehow manages to win the game Sunday, I vow to not refer to Gelnovatch as Big Game George from tomorrow afternoon throgh all of UVa's 2004 college season.

    C'mon BGG - make me eat them words!

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