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Discussion in 'Women's College' started by southernsoccer, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. southernsoccer

    southernsoccer New Member

    Feb 16, 2002
    UNC, Virginia, Duke my picks for top three in 2005

    Anyone else have a choice?
  2. tarheelfan490

    tarheelfan490 New Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    arlington, va
    yes, the tar heels. i think it'd be silly to choose anyone else after the heels went undefeated last year and didn't lose any critical parts (another thing to keep in mind: the dook, uva, and clemson games are all in chapel hill this year)

    YHUGDAD New Member

    Jun 17, 2005

    I would agree with those picks. How about the BC Eagles ? Where do you see them finishing ?
  4. DKos

    DKos New Member

    Aug 30, 2004
    BC is going to mess things up in the ACC! They are the kind of team that is good enough to beat anyone........but I see them upsetting (UNC, Virginia) although its not really an upset because they have been a solid top 15, top 20 team the past two years. They upset UNC or UVA but then will lose to Miami and Va. Tech to mess everything up in the ACC this year.

    BC can match up athletically with UNC and will be able to disrupt UVA trying to play soccer. UVA will probably win the conference this season.

    Thought this prediction would be better than the normal predictions of UNC to top the ACC this year...........what other teams might have a chance in this conference??? Any other interesting pics in the ACC from anyone??
  5. tarheelfan490

    tarheelfan490 New Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    arlington, va
    welcome, dkos, but you're wrong, bc can't match up with carolina athletically (note the three players playing with the full national team and the five players playing with the u-21 team). just consider this: carolina was ranked 1 for most of the season, finished with 1 loss, went undefeated in conference, and only lost one starter. (also, it would be an upset if a 15-20 team beat the number 1 or 2 team). sorry to disappoint you, but the only reasonable arguments you're gonna get for acc winner will include carolina on top. if you're looking for variety maybe a good discussion would be about who has an outside shot at challenging heather, lindsay, or lori for ACC POY, or freshmen or something like that
  6. DKos

    DKos New Member

    Aug 30, 2004
    Well.......I am not told I am wrong much Tarheelfan! Thanks for putting me in my place.

    Here is my thoughts:

    I saw BC play the nation's best at Notre Dame. They matched up athletically but they just lacked the talent in soccer players. If they can match up athletically with Notre Dame then they can match up with Carolina.

    If you'd like to take O'Riley, Tarpley, Lori and give me the Martha (brazilian national team) and any two other players then I would want to play your team everyday of the week! (my team would dominate) point being in that comment is two out of those three are extremely fast but they struggle to trap a soccer ball!!! And yes they are national team players (that's a whole other story but let's just say our country is in some serious trouble on an international scale!!) ..... I will hand it to you that Lori is good. She can play but I am not sold she is a wide player.

    I just think the style of Carolina suits BC nicely. Thats why my prediction of an upset. Would BC winning a game at UNC really be that big of an upset. The women's game has seemed to be getting better all over the country and everyone in the top 20 has a pretty damn good team. Yes, it would shock the Carolina Faithful but I am not sure coaches and players around the country would be that surprised.

    Although, after BC upsets UNC they will turn around and lose to a bottom-feeder of the ACC.

    Tarheelfan - i love the friendly banter! I am sure you will have a response for this!

    YHUGDAD New Member

    Jun 17, 2005
    There aren't many teams that "match up" athletically or technically with UNC ! BC is no exception. BC will lose to UNC,UVA & Duke. They will struggle with Clemson,Wake,Florida State and Maryland.
  8. upprv

    upprv Member

    Aug 4, 2004
    I don't think ANYONE in the ACC, other than the bottom 3, beating UNC would be that big of an upset. W soccer is getting too good. I would raise my eyebrows if BC or someone beat UNC, but not run shouting into the streets. In soccer, anything can happen, so that is one point, and other teams are getting good enough to do it.

    For as good as UNC was last year, they didn't win it all, didn't even play for it all, and last I checked, that is the measure of the best team in the country.

    I too would question a few of the UNC girls in the national camps (does anyone notice how limited our national team coaches are in selecting players for the camps...they look at a few schools and that is it. They are missing some great talent out there..see Frimpong), so before we crown ANYONE king of the world, let's see how the season plays out.

    Thanks for the convos!
  9. chessplayer

    chessplayer Member

    Sep 12, 2000
    Richmond, VA
    Hey now, the Wahoos took UNC out in the ACC final. You can have the regular season game in Chapel Hill if we can start owning the tournament..

    UVa's team has been improving the last few years, if we can get over the NCAA performance hump we could make some real noise. I know we had a good recruiting class, I don't know who graduated though.
  10. karanicole

    karanicole Member

    Jun 28, 2005
    With Virginia, Jessica Trainor, Gillian Hatch, and Fabrizio graduated along with Lindsey Gusick. We do get Sauerbrunn back from the U-19 Championship run. I think UVa will be great this year if the defense steps up.
  11. karanicole

    karanicole Member

    Jun 28, 2005
    Does anyone have an opinion on an preseason All-ACC team (If the ACC were to put one together, which I don't believe they do)?
  12. tarheelfan490

    tarheelfan490 New Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    arlington, va
    i appreciate your point of view, dkos; please don't get my intentions wrong when i attempt to refute everything you say. did this martha play on the brazilian team in the olympics? when they lost to heather, lindsay, and the americans twice? i believe lindsay scored a goal in that game, too. (the national team is in serious trouble? really? they are 6-0 in 2005 and haven't been scored upon, even against top competition in the algarve cup. oh yeah, and the gold medal...). also, i think if carolina lost to anyone ranked lower than about 3 or 4 it would be considered an upset. (ps. just because bc matched up with notre dame doesn't mean they would with the heels; except for about thirty seconds in overtime the heels were the best team in the country. but i think we've beaten that horse to death on various boards).

    chessplayer: if you call winning in PKs owning the tournament, then that's your issue. anson said publicly that the heels never practice PKs ever, so maybe that was the difference. i doubt the same will happen again this year.

    my prediction for this season: carolina wins more games by 5+ goals than they do by 1 or 2 (including BC)
  13. chessplayer

    chessplayer Member

    Sep 12, 2000
    Richmond, VA
    And Sarah Huffman saw time with the U-21's at the Nordic Cup this past month!
    Bummer that UNC gets us in Chapel Hill this year. Our team is still getting better, though.
  14. lovinsoccer

    lovinsoccer New Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    yea behiind Lori and Tarp..she didn't even play that much b/c of Cghalup, Tarp and Lloyd...Still she is a good player for sure
  15. coachbill9

    coachbill9 New Member

    Jul 6, 2004
    Here's what the coaches say:
    School Points 2004 Record
    1. North Carolina (10) 120 20-1-2 (9-0-0)
    2. Virginia (1) 109 17-3-2 (6-2-1)
    3. Duke 99 15-8-0 (5-4-0)
    4. Clemson 74 10-8-2 (4-4-1)
    5. Boston College 70 15-7-1 (7-3-0)*
    6. Florida State 63 12-5-3 (5-3-1)
    7. Wake Forest 62 10-7-2 (4-4-1)
    8. Maryland 47 9-7-4 (3-4-2)
    9. Virginia Tech 36 11-9-0 (4-5-0)
    10. NC State 27 7-8-3 (1-8-0)
    11. Miami 19 3-13-0 (1-8-
  16. tarheelfan490

    tarheelfan490 New Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    arlington, va
    what are the odds that virginia's first place vote came from its coach?
  17. Sophister

    Sophister Member

    Apr 14, 2004
    The usual way the coaches polls work is that you can't vote for your own team. I would guess that Virginia's #1 vote came from UNC.

  18. steady

    steady New Member

    Oct 12, 2004
    does anyone feel like giving the blue devils any love? they return ten starters, beat UVA at UVA 3-0 in the second round of the ncaa tournament, and made it just as far as unc in the NCAA tournament. getting done in by a ucla team that made it to the finals. lost to unc 2-1 at unc, not a blow out by any means. i think they have a great chance to make a college cup run.
  19. tarheelfan490

    tarheelfan490 New Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    arlington, va
    nope. go to hell, dook
  20. Boston Bob

    Boston Bob New Member

    Feb 6, 2004

    Virginia's vote come from own coach? You have to be kidding! Please tell me it was a joke and that it did not actually cross your mind. Even if allowed no way would he do it.

    Worse, if that vote came from UVA then that means Anson voted for his own team. Give him more credit also as you are a fan.
  21. steady

    steady New Member

    Oct 12, 2004
    unc did not win the acc tournament. they made it to the same round in the ncaa tournament as duke and maryland. and the team that beat unc in the acc tournament duke blanked 3-0 in the second round of the ncaa tournament (on their home field). injuries to your back line and GK (which were suspect to begin with) will only make it tougher on the tar heels this season.
  22. USFSU

    USFSU Member

    Aug 20, 2005
    I keep hearing good things come out of Tallahassee, so I definitely think they can put up a good fight and possibly get back into the top 3 of the ACC.
  23. UFGator98

    UFGator98 Member

    Aug 13, 2001
    Krikorian landed some big international players, like Odebrecht from Germany and Kuralay from Australia, and I would be surprised if they finished as low as 6th as the preseason poll suggests.
  24. tarheelfan490

    tarheelfan490 New Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    arlington, va
    two things: if anson couldn't vote for carolina, then he'd vote for uva because it seems like uva is the next best team. he doesn't mess around just for the sake of messing around. he wouldn't vote for va tech or miami just for spite. also: ashlyn went down, but we still have aly (who, if memory serves, didn't give up a goal in the ncaa tournament and 03, had a .54 gaa last season, and holds the career saves record at carolina)

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