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  1. Tiger1

    Tiger1 New Member

    Jan 28, 1999
    The ACC released its 55 member, 50th Anniversary Men's Team this afternoon. Clemson leads the way with 13 selections.

    Clyde Browne Clemson (1972-1975)
    Clyde Watson Clemson (1973-1976)
    Nambi Nwokocha Clemson (1979-1981)
    Abudarie Otorubio Clemson (1981-1984)
    Eric Eichman Clemson (1983-1986)
    Bruce Murray Clemson (1984-1987)
    Jimmy Glenn Clemson (1990-1993)
    Miles Joseph Clemson (1992-1994)
    Wolde Harris Clemson (1993-1995)
    Matt Jordan Clemson (1994-1997)
    Wojtek Kiakowiak Clemson (1997-1998)
    Mark Lisi Clemson (1997-2000)
    Oguchi Onyewu Clemson (2000-2001)
    Mike Jeffries Duke (1980-1983)
    Ken Lolla Duke (1980-1983)
    Joe Ulrich Duke (1981-1982)
    Tom Kain Duke (1982-1985)
    John Kerr Duke (1983-1986)
    Mark Dodd Duke (1986-1987)
    Jason Kreiss Duke (1991-1994)
    Jay Heaps Duke (1995-1998)
    Ali Curtis Duke (1997-2000)
    Robert Russell Duke (1997-2000)
    Desmond Armstrong Maryland (1982-1985)
    Taylor Twellman Maryland (1988-1989)
    Leo Cullen Maryland (1995-1997)
    Keith Beach Maryland (1995-1998)
    Danny Califf Maryland (1998-1999)
    Chris Ogu NC State (1980-1983)
    Sam Okpodu NC State (1981-1984)
    Tab Ramos NC State (1984-1987)
    Chris Szanto NC State (1985-1989)
    Dario Brose NC State (1988-1991)
    Henry Gutierrez NC State (1988-1991)
    Scott Schweitzer NC State (1989-1992)
    Roy Lassiter NC State (1990-91)
    Pablo Mastroeni NC State (1994-1997)
    Anson Dorrance North Carolina (1971-1973)
    David Smyth North Carolina (1984-1987)
    Gregg Berhalter North Carolina (1991-1993)
    Eddie Pope North Carolina (1992-1995)
    Carey Talley North Carolina (1994-1997)
    Chris Carrieri North Carolina (1998-2000)
    Jeff Gaffney Virginia (1982-1985)
    George Gelnovatch Virginia (1983-1986)
    John Harkes Virginia (1985-1987)
    Jeff Agoos Virginia (1986-1990)
    Tony Meola Virginia (1988-1989)
    Claudio Reyna Virginia (1991-1993)
    A.J. Wood Virginia (1991-1994)
    Mike Fisher Virginia (1993-1996)
    Ben Olsen Virginia (1995-1997)
    Kyle Martino Virginia (1999-2001)
    Neil Covone Wake Forest (1987-1990)
    Serge Daniv Wake Forest (1995-1996, 1998)

    Go Nuts!

    FIXXXER New Member

    Feb 16, 2001
    Hotlanta, GA
    I like it!!!
  3. turnaround

    turnaround New Member

    Jul 10, 2001
    This is great. Now we just need the all time best coaches in the ACC. I'm sure Tarantini will run away with that one!
  4. das_Eigentor

    das_Eigentor New Member

    Jun 25, 2002
    Hyattsville, MD
    Twellman at UMD should read 1998-99, not 1988-89.

    Saw him make a SWEET pseudo-bicycle over his right shoulder with his left foot in a playoff game in 99.
  5. Jabo

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    Mar 29, 2000
    Washington, DC
    that's funny. It's supposed to be a 50th anniversary team yet the furthest back the players go is Dorrance in 1971....all of 31 years ago.
  6. Tiger1

    Tiger1 New Member

    Jan 28, 1999
    They are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the league. I don't think the soccer program goes back that far which is why the earliest player is '71.

    Trying to find out what year ACC soccer began, if any one has an idea please help out.
  7. k1v1n

    k1v1n New Member

    May 4, 2002
    Several of the ACC schools were playing soccer well before the formation of the conference. When the conference was formed in 1953 these schools had soccer programs: Duke, Maryland, NC State, UNC, and Virginia. Maryland played for the national championship in 1960, and the first national champion from the ACC was Maryland in 1968.
  8. Mike Fekula

    Mike Fekula Member

    Oct 19, 2000
    The List Is A Piece Of Crap

    >They are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the league. I don't think the soccer program goes back that far which is why the earliest player is '71.

    I mean no disrespect to you, but ACC soccer began long before 1971. Sorry folks, but this is more like a 25th Anniversary list and not a 50th Anniversary list.

    Sorry, but this list is bogus. I do not mean to take away from the men who did get selected, especialy since I am a reporter who has covered Maryland soccer for a long time and I knew and respected all the Maryland guys who made the list. Furthermore, I did postgame interviews with more than half of the others from other schools who made it (have spoken with Dorrance on several occassions) and I have been around long enough to see every single member of this list play while they still had college eligibility.

    However, I find it blatantly disrespectful to the pioneers of the sport who made ACC Men's Soccer the strongest conference in the country for most of the last 50 years, to exclude them from the ranks of this team.

    This list is the work of lazy voters who did not do their research and/or do not have any buddies that go back that far and therefor, didn't have any butts to kiss.

    The ACC was formed on May 8, 1953. Maryland won the league title in it's first year of competition and won 16 consecutive league titles from '53-'68 and again in '71.

    Maryland was National Runner-Up twice in the early 60's: both times to St. Louis in 1960 and '62; was co-national champion with Michigan State in 1968 and was a Final Four participant in '63 and '69. Their coach was Doyle Royal whose career began in 1946 and ran until 1975.

    There were other good coaches whose careers began before 1971: I.M. Ibrahim's career at Clemson began in 1967 and Marvin Allen was coach at North Carolina from 1947 to 1974.

    I am a Maryland guy, but I also cannot believe that the great players from other league schools were ignored. ALL the great old-timers of yore from the 50's and 60's from any ACC school got dissed! Furthest back they went was Anson Dorrance whose playing days at UNC began in 1971 and he obviously made it more because of his record as a women's coach. He also had a long run as UNC's men's coach but not nearly as successful.

    There are just three other guys from the 70's: Clyde Watson and Clyde Brown, both of Clemson and then Nambi Nwokocha of Clemson went from '79-81.

    Sorry, but anybody who cares about the history of ACC soccer and who is able to do even the most rudimentary computer research using the Internet can find out very quickly that there is so much more to the history of ACC soccer than that which is reflected by these selections. Again, this list obviously was thrown together with no thought whatsoever. It is a hastily made list meant to meet a deadline and no more.

    Shame on whoever put it together.

    Mike Fekula
    Terrapin Times
    Univ. of Maryland
  9. terp fan

    terp fan New Member

    Nov 21, 2000
    Re: The List Is A Piece Of Crap

  10. markb57

    markb57 Member

    Jul 16, 2006
    Re: The List Is A Piece Of Crap

    Random responses...

    Yes..this list feels like crap...

    Tarantini? Huh? Are we talking about the odd pick of a future superstar, or building a steady program of player development and program building.

    Also, (stirring the hornet's nest), lets exclude products of some school's temporary insanity when they simply recruited other country's national teams.

    And no, Tarantini didn't cut me...I'm way too old for that.

    Regardless, go Pack!
  11. gsterp

    gsterp Member+

    Jul 16, 2003
    College Park
    Re: The List Is A Piece Of Crap

    not everyday you see a 6 year old thread bumped. confused the hell out of me until i saw the dates.
  12. s0ccerguy

    s0ccerguy Member

    Mar 25, 2004
    Are these based on their performances in college or how they did afterward? (Because I'm sure Onyewu wasn't an amazing college soccer power while he was at Clemson and he's just one example)
  13. Sandon Mibut

    Sandon Mibut Member+

    Feb 13, 2001
    It's based on what they did in college. A lot of these guys didn't do much after college. Neil Covone went straight to law school, for instance and Mike Fisher to med school.

    Wojtek Krakowiak and Chris Carrieri, to pick 2, had pretty modest pro careers.

    And Gooch was a very dominant player at Clemson in his 2 seasons. He's a worthy pick on this list.

    And yes, btw, this is a very odd thread to be resurrected.

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